Super Hi-Vision

Media Transport Technologies for Next Generation Broadcasting Systems


We are involved in the international standardization※1 activities surrounding a new media transport technology called MMT※2, which allows various services to be deployed by using broadcasting and broadband networks together. This exhibit shows how experimental equipment based on MMT can be applied to Super Hi-Vision broadcasting.


●Various services made possible by MMT
Harmonizing the media transport schemes on broadcasting systems with broadband networks makes it easier to synchronize presentations of various content from broadcasting and broadband networks on an extremely high definition large-screen display. It also makes it easier to present video and audio signals suited to the type of terminal (televisions, tablets, smartphones, etc.).
●Improving the service availability by receiving media components on another delivery channel
When reception conditions deteriorate, it is possible to continue viewing by receiving alternative media components on another delivery channel.

In the works

We will use this test equipment to evaluate the functions and performance of our systems, and we will continue development of MMT-based Super Hi-Vision multiplexing equipment.

Combination of broadcasting and broadband networks

Combination of broadcasting and broadband networks

  • ※1 International Standardization Organization: MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) of the ISO/IEC is developing standards for multimedia signal processing technologies.
  • ※2 MMT (MPEG Media Transport): A new media transport scheme that supports delivery of multimedia content over heterogeneous networks.

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