Super Hi-Vision

120-GHz-band FPU for Uncompressed SHV Signal Transmission

We are researching a wireless transmission device (FPU※1) for transmitting materials used in the production of Super Hi-Vision programs (such as camera video signals) without having to install cables. This exhibit describes wireless transmission of uncompressed Super Hi-Vision signals in the 120-GHz band.


●Wireless transmission of SHV signals by cross-polarized waves in the 120-GHz band
A dual-green※2 uncompressed SHV signal (approximately 24 Gbps) consisting of 16 HD-SDI (uncompressed HDTV) signals is transmitted by dual radio links using vertical and horizontal polarizations.
●Aiming for highly reliable wireless transmission using 10-Gbps-class signal processing technology
Each wireless system multiplexes eight HD-SDI signals that are transmitted with forward error correction (FEC). They enable SHV signals to be transmitted stably by wireless.

In the works

We will evaluate this system in outdoor transmission experiments and in other trials and put it to use in the production of SHV programs.

120-GHz-band FPU for Uncompressed SHV Signal Transmission
  • ※1 FPU (Field Pickup Unit): A portable wireless device for transmitting materials used in program production. Often used in outside broadcasts and other such scenarios.
  • ※2 Dual green: A Super Hi-Vision system that uses four image capture/display elements, each with a resolution of approximately eight megapixels. Two of the elements are assigned to green signals, and the other two are assigned to red and blue.

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