Super Hi-Vision

Super Hi-Vision Production Devices for Mobile


We are conducting research and development into practical Super Hi-Vision program production devices. We present a new single-chip compact Super Hi-Vision camera system and easy-to-use video interface. These devices enable a mobile program production style that is equivalent to current HDTV program productions.


●Single-chip Super Hi-Vision camera system
We have developed a compact camera system using single-chip color imaging※1. The camera head incorporates a new compact signal processing device (camera control unit (CCU)) and a compact signal transmission device that can utilize existing broadcasting camera cables. These developments will enable Super Hi-Vision production like that of HDTV.
●Video interface for extremely high data-rate video signals
We have developed a video transmission interface that enables simple 144 Gbps connections for sending full-specification Super Hi-Vision video signals※2 between Super Hi-Vision devices. Not only does this make the equipment more compact and reduce power consumption, it greatly reduces the work needed to set up the equipment.

In the works

Besides developing means of video production, we are working to improve image quality, functions, and operability of Super Hi-Vision devices and on standardization of the video interface.

Super Hi-Vision production devices for mobile program production

Super Hi-Vision production devices for mobile program production

  • ※1 Single-chip color imaging: An imaging technique for acquiring color images with a single image sensor.
  • ※2 Full-specification Super Hi-Vision video signal: Video signal with a pixel count of 7680 x 4320, RGB 4:4:4 color sampling, and a bit depth of 12 bits. The data rate is so high (144 Gbps), it necessitates the use of a large number of signal lines if existing interfaces are used.

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