13 120-Hz SUPER Hi-VISION Image Sensor
To enhance the picture quality of SUPER Hi-VISION, we are developing an image sensor that can obtain clear images even of fast-moving subjects. We recently built a prototype SUPER Hi-VISION sensor that can operate at a frame frequency of 120 Hz.


120 Hz frame frequency
To achieve a frame frequency of 120 Hz (twice the conventional rate), we developed a faster analog-to-digital converter and a circuit to output the resulting digital signals in 96 parallel channels.

Ultra-high resolution
Like a conventional SUPER Hi-VISION image sensor, the prototype sensor can obtain ultra-high definition images with a resolution of approximately 33 megapixels and a bit depth of 12 bits.

Compact, low-power design
The prototype sensor has an optical size of approximately 1.5 inches, which makes it much smaller than conventional SUPER Hi-VISION image sensors. It also features low power consumption, despite its ability to perform highspeed signal processing.

In the works
We plan to produce SUPER Hi-VISION image sensors with greater sensitivity in the future.

+ This research is being conducted in collaboration with Shizuoka University.

120-Hz SUPER Hi-VISION Image Sensor

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