12 SUPER Hi-VISION Transmission over Shared Global IP Networks
We are researching a transmission system to enable public viewing of SUPER Hi-VISION (SHV) all over the world. We have developed a high-speed reliable transmission system and have used it to demonstrate SHV transmission over shared global IP networks.


SUPER Hi-VISION High-performance Video Codec
The encoding system consists of eight hardware encoding units (conforming to the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 * High Profile standard) and a format converter. The units encode spatially divided SHV signals in parallel.

High-speed reliable transmission
Software processing for high-efficiency error correction of IP packet error correction, real-time encryption/decryption, and synchronous IP packet control technology can stabilize high-speed IP streams.

In the works
We will use this system for SHV public viewings of sports events, music concerts, etc.

+ This research is being conducted in collaboration with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. Japan.

Transmission system for SUPER Hi-VISION
* MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 : A video coding scheme standardized by ISO/IEC and ITU-T

2012/5/24 (Thu) - 27 (Sun)