1 Hybridcast
We are researching and developing Hybridcast, a platform offering attractive services by combining broadcasting and communications. With a prototype receiver developed in cooperation with TV manufacturers,
we demonstrate the feasibility of this system and the technologies that will enable us to provide advanced services.


Application execution environment
For the receiver's application execution environment, we use an HTML5 browser to increase the system's affinity with communication channels and provide a wide range of broadcast/communication services to respond to the needs and requests of individual users.

Supports a variety of terminals: TVs, smart phones, and tablets
By using technology that supports interoperability between TVs and various terminal devices, it is possible to implement convenient services that use different screen sizes in dierent ways, such as using large screens to show TV programs where they can be enjoyed by everyone and using hand-held terminals to display information tailored to each individual viewer.

Synchronized synthesis
By incorporating a function that uses communication channels to provide content related to broadcast programs and synchronizes it with the broadcast program in the receiver, the broadcast program can be presented in a more interesting and user-friendly way.

Technology for safe and secure use of content
By employing features such as a function for prioritizing the display of emergency information, we can ensure the delivery of reliable information so that programs can be enjoyed in safety and peace of mind.

In the works
By cooperating with broadcasters, communication providers, receiver manufacturers and the like, we will aim for an early launch of Hybridcast to adapt to individual needs and technological advances.

+ Hybridcast is a trademark of NHK Engineering Services, Inc.

+ Parts of this research are being jointly conducted with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

Deployment of Hybridcast

2012/5/24 (Thu) - 27 (Sun)