0:30〜1:00 p.m. Lecture 1
NHK STRL 2012-2014 R&D plan
- Shuichi Fujisawa, Head of STRL
1:00〜1:45 p.m. Lecture 2
The deployment of Hybridcast ®
- Hisakazu Katoh, Deputy Head of Media Planning Bureau
1:45〜2:30 p.m. Lecture 3
SUPER Hi-VISION R&D and the London Olympics
- Yoshiaki Shishikui, Head of Advanced TV Systems Research Division

Research Presentation
0:30〜0:50 p.m. Research Presentation 1
A 120-Hz image sensor for SUPER Hi-VISION
- Toshihisa Watabe, Imaging & Storage Devices Research Division
0:50〜1:10 p.m. Research Presentation 2
A plasma display panel for SUPER Hi-VISION
- Keiji Ishii, Display & Functional Devices Research Division
1:10〜1:30 p.m. Research Presentation 3
Binaural technology for SUPER Hi-VISION audio
- Kentaro Matsui, Advanced Television Systems Research Division
1:30〜1:50 p.m. Research Presentation 4
Large-capacity transmission technology for next-generation digital terrestrial broadcasting in SUPER Hi-VISION
- Kenichi Murayama, Broadcasting Networks Research Division
1:50〜2:10 p.m. Research Presentation 5
Analysis of user behavior in social TV system - teleda -
- Go Ohtake, Advanced Broadcasting Platforms Research Division
2:10〜2:30 p.m. Research Presentation 6
Translating Japanese text into sign language CG animation
- Naoto Kato, Human & Information Science Research Division

2012/5/24 (Thu) - 27 (Sun)