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  • Please note. To save power, the Open House will end earlier than last year.
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Consultation Booth of Digital Broadcasting Reception

Both terrestrial and BS TV broadcasting will completely switch over to digital. We show you how to receive digital TV and also answer all about digital switchover.


Final call for upgrading to digital broadcasting reception
There is only a short time left before analog broadcasting ends. We ask for switching digital broadcasting quickly to all the viewers who have not prepare for receiving digital TV. For that,we provide information on what people need to do prepare for the switch to digital,and how to prepare for it.
Terrestrial digital broadcasting reception method in urban areas
In most cases, you can receive digital terrestrial broadcasting even in areas where analog broadcasting reception suffers from interference caused by buildings.Please put up the UHF antenna for Off-the-air reception.
Approach for stable TV reception of terrestrial digital broadcasting
After the end of analog broadcasting, we have some plans to improve digital TV reception by constructing new relay stations,etc. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, a transmitting station is changed from the Tokyo Tower to the Tokyo Sky Tree in 2013. Most Viewers don't need to reposition UHF antenna to receive broadcasting from the Tokyo Sky Tree.

In the works

NHK is doing our utmost to enable a smooth switchover to digital broadcasting. We are working with other organizations such as the DTV Recipient Support Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and local retail store. We will continuously make every effort to provide a stable TV reception environment in the digital broadcasting era.

  • The switch from analog to digital broadcasting is planed to postpone for at most 12 months beyond the scheduled date of July 24 in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures.
A stable TV reception environment