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Digital Broadcasting and Fusion of Broadcast and Broadband

Advanced Conditional Access System

We are researching advanced CAS technology that will have more security, flexibility, and convenience than the current version has. We have developed a downloadable conditional access system that can augment and update CAS security functions (CAS program codes) securely through broadcasting or communications channels.


Downloadable CAS without smart card
Directly incorporating the CAS method in the LSI of the receiver removes the need for the smart card and enables secure downloading.
CAS compatible with various service models
A number of different CAS program codes can reside within the receiver, thereby enabling the system to meet various business requirements.

In the works

We are conducting research into incorporating these functions into various LSIs and will study expansion of the authentication functions to Hybridcast™.

  • CAS:Conditional Access Systems provide mechanisms to control access to digital television services.
Downloadable conditional access system

Downloadable conditional access system