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Super Hi-Vision

Super Hi-Vision: The Next Generation of TV

Super Hi-Vision is a sophisticated broadcasting system that is intended to provide "visual fidelity" whereby viewers experience a sensation of reality as if they were themselves in the world shown in the image, or as if a real object was in front of them. This exhibit gives an outline of Super Hi-Vision.


Audio/video system design based on research from the human sciences viewpoint
The Super Hi-Vision audio/video experience transcends that of today's TV in terms of the sensation of reality and visual fidelity that it conveys. The Super Hi-Vision audio/video format is the result of our human sciences research on audio-visual perception characteristics of human.
Wide-ranging R&D and international standardization
Super Hi-Vision consists of ultra-high-definition images, which have 16 times the pixels of Hi-Vision (HDTV) images, and 22.2 multichannel 3D sound. Its development will require a wide range of research, from basic research on materials and device elements to development of audio/video, encoding, and transmission technologies. We are also taking the initiative on setting international standards for Super Hi-Vision broadcasting.
Progress so far and roadmap for the future
We started research on ultra-high-definition imagery in 1995. It has led to, our current research and development on Super Hi-Vision. Super Hi-Vision has been showcased at the 2005 World Exposition and in international transmission experiments in 2008. This exhibit introduces our progress so far and our roadmap for the future development of equipment such as cameras.

In the works

Our work to bring Super Hi-Vision to homes is progressing in line with our research and development roadmap. We are also engaged in developing a large variety of content and expanding the applications of Super Hi-Vision technology.

Target specifications of Super Hi-Vision

  Parameter Value
Video Spatial resolution (horizontal x perpendicular) 7680 x 4320
Temporal resolution (frame frequency) 120 Hz
Depth (number of bits) 12 bit
Color system Wide color gamut
Audio System 22.2 multichannel
Sample frequency 48 or 96 kHz
Number of bits 16, 20, or 24 bits