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Digital Broadcasting and Fusion of Broadcast and Broadband


We are researching and developing Hybridcast, a platform offering more attractive services by a fusion of broadcast and broadband. Our latest prototype Set Top Box, key technologies, and examples of available services are exhibited.


A new service brought by combination of broadcast and broadband
Hybridcast combines the characteristics of broadcast (the reliability, high-quality, simultaneous delivery) and those of broadband ( the ability to respond to individual needs and request of users).
Accurate synchronization of broadcasting and broadband content
Hybridcast can precisely synchronize content such as video and subtitle data sent to the receiver via different delivery paths (broadcasting and broadband). This makes it possible to implement diverse services such as multilingual subtitles and multi-view services (picture-in-picture).
TVs, mobile terminals, and PCs work together
By implementing techniques for TVs and mobile terminals to work together, convenient services can be made to respond to individual requests from users. For example, viewers can use a mobile terminal to get information about a program they are watching on TV.

In the works

We aim to implement broadcast services that can adapt to individual needs and technological advances by working with broadcasters, communication providers, and receiver manufacturers.

  • Hybridcast™ is a trademark of NHK Engineering Services, Inc.
  • Parts of this research are being conducted individually in collaboration with SONY Co., Ltd., NTT Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Co., Ltd.
Hybridcast™ overview

Hybridcast™ overview