23 : 58-inch Diagonal Ultrahigh-Definition Plasma Display with 0.33-mm Pixel Pitch 〜Super Hi-Vision for Home Use〜


STRL is developing large ultrahigh-definition plasma display panels (PDPs) to show Super Hi-Vision television programs. STRL conducted gas-discharge simulations※1 and PDP panel simulations※2 and used the results to create a 58-inch ultrahigh-resolution prototype with a 0.33-mm pixel pitch.


Optimization of gas conditions for micro cells

We drew up guidelines for the optimizing the gas conditions of micro cells by comprehensively evaluating the luminance efficiency, variation in brightness, and stability of displays for different amounts of xenon in the gas mixture.

Mid-sized panel with the smallest pixel pitch ever

The PDP prototype has 3,840 pixels in the horizontal direction and 2,160 pixels in the vertical direction and has a 0.33 mm pixel pitch.

In the works

We will proceed with the development of 100-inch class ultrahigh-definition panels. We will also develop high-speed drive technologies and find ways to lower the power consumption of such displays.

This research is jointly carried out with Panasonic.

  • ※1 Gas-discharge simulation: Simulation of gas-discharge phenomenon within a unit cell, including drift of electrons and collisions of atoms and ultraviolet emissions, to obtain the luminescence properties of a cell
  • ※2 PDP panel simulation: Simulation that analyzes electric circuits including discharge cells to study in the uniformity of a PDP’s brightness and driving voltage (gas-discharge variability)

Development of 58-inch 0.33-mm pixel pitch ultrahigh-definition PDP

Development of 58-inch 0.33-mm pixel pitch ultrahigh-definition PDP

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