19 : Automatic Detection of Unpleasant Scenes 〜Making Scenes Pleasant for Viewing〜


Viewers may feel a sense of unpleasantness from onscreen shaking and flickering, a problem with large-screen TVs. STRL is developing a way of automatically detecting scenes that produce such a sense of unpleasantness so that they can be revised during production.


Studying the relationship between physical characteristics of scenes and the degree of unpleasantness※1

To estimate the degree of unpleasantness imparted by a scene, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between the physical characteristics of a scene and the degree of unpleasantness. We carried out psychological evaluation experiments and collected experimental data.

Constructing algorithms that estimate the unpleasantness of scenes

After analyzing data obtained from psychological evaluation experiments, we derived algorithms that estimate the unpleasantness in scenes due to shaking, flickering, and striped patterns.

In the works

We will create prototype equipment that will automatically detect unpleasant scenes. Furthermore, we plan to create systems that will automatically suppress the sense of unpleasantness in a scene.

  • ※1 Degree of unpleasantness: A measure of the sense of unpleasantness

Estimation method using different physical characteristics

Estimation method using different physical characteristics

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