8K Super Hi-Vision (8K SHV) is a system that conveys a sense of presence and reality to scenes in a very lifelike way. 8K SHV's main features are 33-megapixel ultra-high definition video (16 times as many pixels as current Hi-Vision) and 22.2 multichannel sound. This video and sound system was designed based on human science researches including visual and auditory senses.
 The sense of presence increases as the viewing angle toward the screen is wider, with saturation from 80° to 100°, while the sense of real objects increases as the pixel density is higher, with saturation at about 120 pixels per degree. We thus set the 8K SHV pixel count at 7,680 horizontal x 4,320 vertical.
 To reproduce the direction of sound (sound image localization) as well as the sense of spatial broadening and the sense of being enveloped in sound, we adopted 22.2 multichannel sound that uses 22 channels in three layers (upper: 9, middle: 10, lower: 3) and two low-frequency effect channels. The format can produce more natural and realistic 3D sound in a wider viewing area than the current 5.1 multichannel audio format.

【 8K Super Hi-Vision key features 】

Viewing distance at which viewers can get the maximum sense of presence without noticing pixel structures.

22.2ch sound can reproduce a sound spatial impression that gives a feeling of being there.

 We are speeding up our R&D efforts to realize 8K SHV broadcasting system in the following fields, covering from cameras to displays.

International standard of
8K SHV video signal

 Contribution transmissions equipment

Downsized from the initial 80kg to 2kg

・Recording systems
・Sound recording systems
・Contribution transmissions equipment
・Transmitting/sending systems (Satellite/terrestrial/cable)
・Displays 145-inch PDP, 85-inch LCD, OLED flexible
・Sound reproduction
・Transport technology Development in progress of the MMT technology
with high compatibility between broadcasting and broadband networks
・Video compression Use of HEVC with 4 times the efficiency of the current MPEG-2
and the super-resolution technology
・Next-generation CAS New system for safe and secured 8K SHV viewing
 We intend to accelerate efforts in order to start test satellite broadcasting in 2016, start satellite broadcasting in 2018, and spread it in a major way for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.
 Our development of ultra-high definition video system started in 1995. We first exhibited ultra-high definition video system with 4000 scanning line video system and 3D sound reproduction system, now called 8K SHV, at the NHK STRL Open House in 2002. We named it “Super Hi-Vision” in 2004.
 It was first showcased to the world at the 2005 Aichi Expo. In 2012, it was used in public viewings of the London Olympics at nine sites in three countries. In August 2012, the video signal specifications of 8K SHV were issued as an international standard of television.
【 International standard of 8K SHV video signal 】
Item Value
Aspect ratio 16:9
Pixel count 7,680 horizontal x 4,320 vertical
Frame rate 120, 60, 59.94
Scanning mode Progressive
Bit depth 10, 12
Color gamut Wide-gamut colorimetry
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