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MPF is a specification that provides a common environment for the effective generation of content-based metadata for video.

There are many strategies for analyzing media content from various angles. In order to generate useful metadata, we need to combine these technologies in various ways. The MPF framework provides a mechanism for combining descriptions of multimedia content generated by, for example, analysis of video, audio, and text.

There is so far no consensus on metadata formats or on ways of handling information for metadata production. This is the main obstacle to putting research results to practical use. As a broadcaster, NHK proposes a basic common workflow for metadata production, whereby the necessary technologies can be provided as modules and exchanged easily in various situations. Providing a minimum of rules for realizing the environment is the aim of MPF.

To realize the framework, we specify a metadata model and two interface types. These specifications define a common environment where developers can exchange technologies as "black boxes" and integrate their outputs while keeping implementation details hidden. This makes it possible for MPF to foster the start up and development of metadata creation industries.

Metadata generated in MPF conforms to the MPEG-7 specification, so it can also be exchanged and re-used like the metadata production modules.

We have released a Metadata Editor with which the user can generate content-based metadata both manually and using metadata processing modules based on MPF. This software is freeware. We have also released some sample modules with their source code.      

We offer the MPF framework in the hope that it will contribute to the development of this field, and we would greatly welcome any feedback and discussion about the current version of MPF and future directions. Please feel free to send us your views and comments.

Latest news
Nov.25, 2011new
 Prior to the publication of MPF Specification Ver.3.0.0, Metadata Editor Ver.3.0.0 released.
Oct.14, 2009
 MPF Specification Ver.2.0.2, Metadata Editor Ver.2.0.2, Processing Module Developing manual(English) released.
July.18, 2008
 MPF Specification Ver.2.0.1E, Ver.2.0.1J(Japanese) released.
May. 16, 2008
 MPF Specification Ver.2.0.0J (Japanese) released.
April. 9, 2008
 Test Modules for TRECVID Participants Ver.1.2.0 released.
April. 2, 2008
 "Information Grand Voyage Project" Related page was published.
June. 13, 2007
 Metadata Editor Ver.1.1.2E released.


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