Universal Service

Smart Production

We are engaged in research on technologies to provide audio information through captions or sign language as well as video information through audio guides or physical object forms, in order to convey information universally to all viewers, including people with visual or hearing impairments and foreign speakers.

Automatic Sign-Language CG system

We are conducting R&D on a technology to automatically generate sign-language computer graphic (CG) animations to broaden the range of broadcast services available to people with the hearing impaired. We launched a sign-language CG evaluation site that streams weather information videos for the seven prefectures in the Kanto region.

Sign-language CG evaluation site for weather information

Audio description generation technology

To enable visually-impaired people to fully enjoy our broadcast services, we are engaged in R&D on audio descriptions. It is a commentary broadcast service that automatically supplements information that cannot be conveyed without watching the TV screen, using synthesized speech.

Audio description service

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