Intelligent Program Production

Smart Production

We are engaged in R&D on video analysis, speech recognition, social media analysis and others using AI technologies in order to collect and analyze a vast amount of diversified information and support program production more effectively.

Automatic colorization technology for monochrome video

As black and white video footage archived by broadcast stations are invaluable resources, the demand for colorizing and using them on TV programs is growing. We have been conducting research on the technology to automatically convert monochrome film into color videos by using neural networks, which have been used on NHK Special and other programs.

Automatic colorization technology

Social media analysis technology

We are developing techniques to analyze social media and online information in real time and to automatically extract useful information. The technology also makes it possible to identify information with high news value, and automatically generate news articles from river information.

Social media analysis system

Transcription system using speech recognition

We are developing speech recognition technology to quickly and accurately transcribe comments in collected program footage. This technology supports rapid program production in tasks such as creating broadcast manuscripts and editing video footage based on the content.

Transcription system

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