Connected Media

We are conducting R&D on technologies that enable viewers to easily enjoy watching programs on mobile devices via the internet, technologies that provide useful daily life services by linking program viewing with user behavior, and technologies that efficiently produce programs using the IP network.

Hybridcast and Device-Linking Services

We are engaged in research to seamlessly connect broadcasting services to daily life activities. For instance, we are working on the development of device-linking protocols and libraries to link TV-based Hybridcast applications to smartphones or IoT devices used daily by viewers.

Device-linking protocol and "Hybridcast Connect Library"

IP-Based Program Production Technology

We are conducting R&D on a program production system that enables remote program production and resource sharing using IP technology. We are working on a technology for compressing and transmitting large-capacity 8K video signals over IP networks and on an IP-based transmission technology for dividing 4K/8K flow, which makes it possible to combine 2K facilities for 4K/8K production.

TV-watching Companion Robot

We are engaged in research towards replicating the enjoyment of watching television together with family and friends by using robots. We are aiming to realize a robot that can act autonomously in response to programs being watched, by extracting keywords from the program and generating speech and gestures based on them.

TV-watching Companion Robot

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