8K Super Hi-Vision (UHD)

Reality Imaging

We are working on the research and development of cameras, production equipment, transmission devices, displays, and recording devices to achieve a full-featured 8K system.

Full-Featured 8K

Our research and development aims at realizing a full-featured 8K Super Hi-Vision system displaying images with a high resolution of 8K, a high frame rate (HFR) of 120Hz, a wide color gamut (WCG), and a high dynamic range (HDR) with 22.2 multichannel sound.

Full-featured 8K Super Hi-Vision

Transmission Technologies

We are conducting R&D on transmission technologies for the next-generation of terrestrial broadcasting to deliver terrestrial Super Hi-Vision to homes. Our aim is to achieve the next-generation terrestrial broadcasting by combining new video coding technology with the technology for transmitting more information than current digital broadcasts.

Display Technologies

We are developing large, sheet-type OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays that can handle full-featured 8K images. We are also promoting research into developing flexible displays that can be rolled up for portability.

30-inch flexible OLED display

Recording and Storage Technologies

We are working on a high-density holographic memory for long-term storage of 8K videos. We developed the technology to enhance reproduction data quality for better signal-to-noise, and produces a holographic memory drive equipped with this technology. Furthermore, we are working on multi-valued recording and playback data to achieve higher speed and capacity.

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