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“Can you see me clearly?” Public TV image reception experiment (1939)

On May 13, 1939, to commemorate completion of the Broadcasting Hall in Uchisaiwai-cho, the first wireless TV signal in Japan was transmitted from STRL’s 100-m tower in Setagaya to the new Broadcasting Hall, 13 km away. It was operated by the TV standard in Japan; a 441-scanning line, 25 frames/second, 4.5 MHz video frequency, and 500 W output signal. Four TV sets installed in a backup broadcast equipment room on the 7th floor of the Broadcasting Hall displayed first a test pattern, then the experimental image.
At the STRL TV studio, with two of the iconoscope cameras in use, STRL employees appeared in front of the cameras, taking turns saying: “Can you see me clearly? Can you see me clearly?” and announcing the station’s call sign: “NHK Technical Research Laboratories experimental television station, J2PQ.”

Experimental TV studio at STRL

TV image receiving experiment (1939)


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