Cosmic Front – The Wondrous Universe

Broadcast Thursday 10:00 p.m. - 10:59 p.m. / Rebroadcast Monday 11:45 p.m. – 0:44 a.m.

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December 6 Broadcast

Another Earth Discovered: Titan!

September 20 Broadcast

The Great UFO Hunt!

September 6 Broadcast

A Bird's Eye View of the Galaxy?

June 7 Broadcast

In Pursuit of Comets


December 13 Broadcast

ALMA Scans the Skies for Star Births

November 8 Broadcast

Itagaki, the Supernova Hunter

June 21 Broadcast

The Dream of a Genius Scientist

About the program

In the 21st century, scientists have developed amazing new ways to observe the skies, and have made discoveries that have changed our understanding of the universe. The Cosmic Front visits scientists who are pioneering the latest techniques in space research, and brings us the latest pictures of the universe, with dramatic video images and dynamic CG simulations.

Masato Hagiwara (actor)

Masato Hagiwara (actor)

I am very excited to encounter aspects of the universe that I have never seen before. It’s both a great honor and a great responsibility to tell the audience about the latest research on the mysteries and miracles of the universe.
Knowing the importance of words, I will play my role with sincere effort.


Isono Yuko,
Chie Kobayashi,

Yuka Kubota,
Yukiko Shibata

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