今回のゲスト:     マーク・ニールセンMark Nielsen  アメリカ出身の映画プロデューサー主な作品トイ・ストーリー4
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マーク・ニールセンMark Nielsen
How was it like for you revisiting these characters?
Mark Nielsen:
We love these characters almost more than any other characters in any of the Pixar films. We built that studio on these characters. So to be able to bring Buzz and Woody back to the screen again, after all of these years ... it's kind of emotional for all of us that worked on it.
And to kind of be there so early in the days of the studio — there was maybe 200 people when I first started there, and now it's about 1,200 people.
In "Toy Story 4," we've got this antique store that was the greatest technical challenge that we faced on the film. There's literally over 10,000 objects that had to be built, shaded, and lit, and set dressed to look like a store.
I think it was stunning. I mean, there were some scenes with lights in particular that were so interesting.
Mark Nielsen:
Yes, we put a lot of love into that set. There is ... we wanted to have dust in the air to make it feel like an old antique store would, the spider webs that are kind of behind the shelves. We just wanted a lot of visual richness to that environment to make it feel believable — and a little spooky. That environment is supposed to be kind of a terrible place for a toy to live.
The sets department has a shading group within the sets department that puts all the surface textures on the chairs, and they make the crystal chandeliers look like crystal chandeliers. And then there's a lighting department that really adds a lot of visual complexity with the lights.
What is it about Pixar from your perspective that allows it to keep consistently producing films that push?
Mark Nielsen:
Yeah, it's all about the people and the spirit that is in the people that work at that studio. When you've got a team of really highly talented creative folks pouring themselves into a story, trusting each other to give each other notes even when something is not working, and ... but all in alignment toward what's gonna serve the film and make the film better ... I think that process and the spirit in the people is what's made these films as good as they have been.