Saitama has many of the hottest tourism spots in Japan!
Go on an unforgettable adventure into Saitama
that will make you want to visit today!

Supreme Cuisine!

  • Weird Bread!
  • Saitama Sushi!
  • Deceptive Desserts!
  • Japan's #1 Udon!

Stay in unique Saitama style!

  • Cosplay Lodging!
  • Sumo Lodging!
  • World-Famous Lodging!
  • Temple Lodging!

Creative Powerhouses!

  • Top-knotch Tatami Mats!
  • Beautiful Hagoita Paddles!
  • Planet Earth: Made  in Saitama!
  • Effervescent Erasers!

Vending Machine Madness!

  • Double-Yolk Egg Machine
  • Hot Spring Machine?!
  • Nostalgia Machine!?
  • Dancing Vending Machine!?