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Morning Interview:
Dr. Takashi Nagai

Broadcast on August 9, 1950/14 minutes

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Dr.Takashi Nagai was already seriously ill himself when he started treating A-bomb survivors in Nagasaki. He fought to the last in those final six years of life, also bequeathing to posterity such noted pacifist works as "The Bells of Nagasaki" and "Leaving These Children Behind" that still bear terrible witness to the horrors of the bombing today. This program was recorded five years after the bombing in the tiny wooden hut he occupied with his two children. In the interview, Dr. Nagai thanks his children for their unwavering support, and expresses indignation about the perpetual warfare in the world. The Korean War broke out in June of that year. He also speaks of his determination to keep on writing for the cause of world peace.

Guest: Dr. Takashi Nagai
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