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The atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US military in August 1945, the last stage of the Second World War, and these two cities had devastating damage. The atomic bombs not only took many lives instantaneously but also have afflicted atomic bomb survivors for a long time after that.

After the Second World War, the Cold War started and the United States and the Soviet Union, the two major powers of the East and West, escalated the nuclear development competitions each other, conducted a number of nuclear tests over and over, sustained the huge number of nuclear warheads, and put themselves to the verge of a nuclear war. Meanwhile, the number of nuclear powers also grew. After the Cold War ended, the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia have taken actions for nuclear disarmament, but there are still enough number of nuclear warheads to destroy the Earth numerous times. Today, the risks of nuclear proliferation have been pointed out.

Japan as a country suffered by the atomic bombings has been transmitted its experiences to the world and appealing for the nuclear abolition. NHK also has been producing many programs about the devastation caused by the atomic bombings and raised questions of the issues between the nuclear arms and peace as a public broadcasting station of an atomic-bombed nation.

"Peace Archives" presents the "nuclear arms" and "peace" related programs produced by NHK, and encourages public to watch them in the "Program Library" and professionals in the education field to use the "Teachers' Library" and show the programs at schools for students to learn about peace.

We recommend you to utilize the "Peace Archives" to know the effects of atomic bombings and to learn the importance of peace.

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Satoru Konishi: Born in 1929, survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Metropolitan University (German literature)

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