Cycling Shimanami 2018 in Ehime Prefecture

shimanami1.jpgOver the weekend, World GO! was at the finishing area of the Cycling Shimanami 2018 event held in Ehime Prefecture. More than 7,200 cyclists from 22 countries and regions participated in this international cycling event! Cyclists rode on expressways connecting the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, on roads that are normally reserved for vehicles. Cycling Shimanami is the only cycling event in Japan in which participants can ride on the main roads of a functioning expressway. The sense of freedom must have been exhilarating! 

shimanami2.jpgMany cyclists and their supporters visited the event venue after completing their course. Domo had lots of fun meeting Ehime prefecture’s mascot, Mikyan!

shimanami3.jpgAt the event venue, NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s program “CYCLE AROUND JAPAN” was being broadcast on World GO!’s monitor. Introducing a new style of exploring Japan on bicycle, do check out the program for hidden spots that have not been introduced in any tourist guides!