Mount Fuji, here we come!

World GO! made its way to Lake Kawaguchi-ko, home to the iconic Mount Fuji.


The event we visited was ULTRA TRAIL Mt. FUJI (UTMF). Circling the entire Mt. Fuji, participants are given only 46 hours to complete the 170KM course. It is considered one of the most grueling marathons in the world.

During the three-day event, World GO! settled down in a nice spot at the goal line, airing video clips of the ongoing race on its main monitor.

2-7.jpgRace participants, families, volunteers and curious onlookers gathered around World GO! to watch snippets of the nerve-wrecking race. For those who were not there, fret not, the ULTRA TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2018 feature program is now available on NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s video-on-demand. Go check it out now!