World GO! debuts in Tokyo!

World GO! finally made its way to the bustling capital of Japan, Tokyo! On May 19 and 20, World GO! visited Tokyo Tower, the iconic attraction that is highly popular with both locals and tourists alike.


Say hello to the newest addition on World GO!, the touch panel monitor. Visitors get to preview a variety of NHK WORLD-JAPAN video contents with just a touch! 

IMG_8189.jpgThe event was during a Grand Sumo Tournament season, and NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s GRAND SUMO Highlights, a daily digest of the tournament was being broadcasted. The program caught the attention of many foreign visitors, who are interested in the unique sport.

IMG_8143.jpgEverybody’s beloved Domo made an appearance too! 

IMG_2631.jpgDomo was so happy that he got to take photos with so many visitors! 

IMG_2506.jpgThank you Tokyo Tower and thank you everyone who dropped by to check out World GO!.