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What is "Easy Japanese"

Grammar lessons (2015 version)

  • Master basic grammar!
  • Also-words that sound like what they describe.
What is "Easy Japanese"

"Easy Japanese" is a program of Japanese language lessons produced by Japan's public broadcaster, NHK WORLD-JAPAN. You can learn basic grammar and useful expressions. You can download texts for the lessons.

Introduction of the story

The heroine of the story is Anna, a 20-year-old Thai student who loves Japanese manga. She has come to Japan to learn the Japanese language for one year at a university in Tokyo. She will learn practical Japanese through various experiences, such as classes at the university, daily life at a dormitory, shopping, and traveling.

Main Characters


A student from Thailand. She loves Japanese manga, and her aim is to be able to read manga in Japanese without difficulties. She is of cheerful personality and has great curiosity. Even by making mistakes at times, she learns the Japanese language and customs and grow up as a person.


Sakura is a student at the university where Anna is studying. She is studying aiming to become a Japanese language teacher. She serves as a "tutor" supporting foreign students and helps Anna get used to life in Japan. She is from Shizuoka Prefecture on the Pacific coast.


Rodrigo is a student from Mexico and he is Anna's classmate. He is interested in Japanese history. He is knowledgeable and sincere, but also gets carried away sometimes.

Prof. Suzuki

Professor Suzuki teaches Japanese to Anna and other foreign students. They depend on him. He counsels them when they have problems.

Dorm Mother

She is the dorm mother of the dormitory where Anna resides. She is much liked by the students who call her "Okâsan", the Japanese word meaning "mother". She is strict but warmly watches over students from abroad.


Kenta is Sakura's cousin. He is a university student, living in Shizuoka Prefecture, Sakura's home town. At the university, he belongs to the photography club.

Supervisor of the lessons

Akane Tokunaga

Akane Tokunaga

Associate Professor - Kanda University of International Studies

Tokunaga has been active in various roles as a Japanese language teacher since the 1990's. From the year 2000, she has been teaching Japanese to foreign students in the Japanese Language and Culture Program at Kanda University of International Studies. She has also been involved in developing teaching materials. She has a friendly personality, and is highly evaluated for her practical lessons.

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