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[Terms of submission]

  • We cannot guarantee that all submitted photos and comments will be broadcast or posted on our website.
  • Please make sure that the data of a file you will send to us is 200MB or less.
  • The contents of information collected through this website, excluding e-mail addresses, as well as the results of data collection could be used in domestic broadcast and rebroadcast by NHK, which includes their reproductions. They could also be used in NHK’s international broadcast, dispatches overseas and its operations such as public relations activities, presentations at program competitions, events, open library and website, regardless of whether or not compensation is received. They could also be provided to domestic and international broadcasters other than NHK, domestic cable television channels and overseas broadcast operators and could be made into commercial videos or recordings and provided as materials for videos and recordings, publications and websites. Please be reminded that such use of information may not be notified beforehand.
  • The name used for submission may be omitted for the above-mentioned purposes.
  • Photos and comments received could be altered and cut by editors to the extent that the applicants’ intentions and their contents are not harmed.
  • Please do not use the works of a third party other than applicants in photos and comments. They include illustrations, photos, catch-phrases, lines in other works and poems.
  • If a third party makes a complaint about a possible violation of rights concerning a submitted photo or comments, the sender must take the full responsibility.
  • If a sender is a minor by the standards of his /her country, the sender needs to obtain consent from a guardian.
  • Please be reminded that we cannot return submitted data.
  • E-mail addresses sent in will be used solely for the following purposes.
    1. (1) Making contact to ask questions about your photo or comments.
    2. (2) Making contact over program production.
    3. (3) Notification concerning the provision of a program, your photo or comments to businesses other than NHK.
    4. They will not be used for other purposes.
  • About NHK’s handling of personal information, please read "Terms of Use."

Please send in your photo and comments if you agree to the above-mentioned conditions.