Episode #87

Home Sweet Home: Kawaii Home Tour

June 1, Fri. 2018 / June 15, Fri. 2018

Episode #86

Osaka-Style Kawaii: Independent Artists

May 11, Fri. 2018 / May 25, Fri. 2018

Although we’re still in recovery mode after the excitement of Mr. Yabatan’s adventure in Osaka, in last week’s episode, we’re getting right back into it! Osaka’s independent art scene is lively and colorful. Emphasis on colorful. While he was in Osaka, Mr. Yabatan got an up close look at some one of a kind, handcrafted accessories and wearable art and was eager to share it with Misha and RinRin, in Tokyo. The ladies also have a colorful cooking experience, making rainbow takoyaki with an outcome you don’t want to miss seeing.
We also have a special Kawaii in Real Life, featuring Emily Meow, the runner-up of the Kawaii Fashion Contest 2017. What makes this edition so special, you ask? Well, Emily takes us on a little tour of her life as a DJ in Brighton, and shares a tutorial detailing how she achieves her unique kawaii style mixed with drag makeup inspired by an up-and-coming Texas drag superstar. Plus she takes a trip to the Manga Comic-Con at the Leipzig Book Fair, in Germany! Using makeup styling learned from a young queen, hailing from Lancaster PA, she gives an attendee an unforgettable kawaii-drag makeover! This episode is proof that we keep it at 100, here at Kawaii International!

Episode #85

Osaka-Style Kawaii: Unique Trends

May 4, Fri. 2018 / May 18, Fri. 2018

New York claims to be the center of the universe. New Yorkers also make such a claim. Now, we adore New York City but… Tokyo is the true center of the universe. We, literally, live in the future. Perhaps we’ll have to agree to disagree, on this one.
Once in awhile we, in Tokyo, forget that there are incredible cities, all over Japan. Each its own brand of cool, kawaii, and unique style. And you know what? It’s time we did some exploring! Join one of our new besties, Mr. Yabatan, as he takes us on a tour of Osaka. Mr. Yabatan meets the people of Osaka, in a way only he can, who march to beat of their own drum. No joke, there are sequins, neon leggings, and leopard printed grannies. C’mon Osaka kawaii-style! Let’s get sickening!



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  • #85 Sakura Nakajima

  • #84 Muyua

  • #83 Micream

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  • #81 Mika Oitsuki

  • #80 Usakoma

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  • #78 Shiho Tabei

  • #77 P-hyalant/Nonchalant

  • #76 Shiipero


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