Episode #93

Innovative Bento ~Kawaii Food On-The-Go~

January 25, Fri. 2019 (Encore)

Growing up outside of Japan a paper-bag lunch, or a couple bucks to buy something was perfectly fine. Bad news: bento lunchboxes are a seriously kawaii method communication between hungry family members. Good news: you’re in for the lesson you didn’t even know you wanted!

Episode #92

Ageless Kawaii

January 18, Fri. 2019 (Encore)

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, or that’s how the saying goes. If you agree then this episode has your name written all over it. We’re firm believers that kawaii knows no limits, so why would age be a restriction? That’s what makes kawaii style so rad! Take all those rules and toss them out the window!You’ll meet toddlers decked out in designer duds and a couple in their 60s, proving that twinning is winning. Never let a number stand in your way because a lot can happen, at any time, in your Kawaii life!

Episode #91

Upcycle Your Kawaii

January 11, Fri. 2019 (Encore)

Growing up outside of Japan, being wasteful was frowned upon but there wasn’t a big deal. Meanwhile, Japan has a long history of not being wasteful. It even has its own word! Mottainai! Why let anything go to waste, when you can take whatever you have and make the most of it! Take that trash, and turn it into treasure! Misha and RinRin have some treasures in the studio while Mr. Yabatan is on the road again and you won’t believe where he ends up! Care for sushi in a sento?

Episode #90

We've Got Kawaii in the Bag

January 4, Fri. 2019 (Encore)

It is a known fact that a woman does carry an evening bag at dinner time. Truthfully, we live in the busiest times in the history of the human race. You shouldn't get ready, you need to stay ready. The sheer volume of necessary products and items, no matter your profession or gender, can be shocking and, if you're not careful, just end up a giant mess. Join us as we learn how to put every inch of space to use, in any bag, that'll keep you ready, to walk into the room purse first.



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