Episode #94

Tokyo's Urban Outdoors ~Kawaii, Chic & Cool~

November 30, Fri. 2018(Encore)

So, you’re the outdoorsy type but you just can’t bail on Tokyo, the urban jungle we call home. As usual, we’ve got a secret. A good one. You can live the outdoor fantasy, in the heart of Tokyo! There is a share house designed specifically for those who want the best of both worlds. You’re not alone, fishing vests and rubber boots are being spotted all over Harajuku… after all, it is the birthplace of trends!

Episode #96

Kawaii Tableware from 'Tradition' to Today

November 9, Fri. 2018 / November 23, Fri. 2018

If you break a dish what do you do with the pieces? Toss them in the trash and buy something new? Even if it was your very favorite? Not in Japan we don’t! Repairing what we love instead of throwing it away is a longstanding Japanese tradition. In this episode we’re taking a look at how this tradition lives on, today! We love a history lesson, here at Kawaii International, especially when history is as beautiful as this! Here’s a shining spoiler: there is gold involved.

Episode #95

Next-Gen Magazines: These Are ZINEs!

November 2, Fri. 2018 / November 16, Fri. 2018

Zines, independently produced from cover to cover, have a long history in the West. During the 80s and 90s they were a go-to source for underground art and music, a little left of the mainstream. The rise of the Internet did these zines no favors.Fast forward: it’s 2018 and iconic Japanese magazines are opting to focus on their online counterparts. You really think that’s going to keep the next generation of Tokyo’s creative youth culture down? Ha! Quite the opposite! Join us as for an exploration of the incredibly diverse and creative world of Tokyo zines!



  • #96 Qomolangma Ikeda

  • #95 misuru

  • #94 Shen Tanaka

  • #93 Akiyoshi Hashiguchi

  • #92 Hironori Aki Akiyama

  • #91 Zutti Mattia

  • #90 Maiko

  • #89 Hiromi

  • #88 Saga_

  • #87 Nahotass


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Episode #84

Tokyo Sneaker Heads: Customize Your Kicks

Broadcast on October 19, Fri. 2018(Encore)

Episode #94

Tokyo's Urban Outdoors ~Kawaii, Chic & Cool~

Broadcast on October 12, Fri. 2018

Episode #93

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