Episode #91

Upcycle Your Kawaii

August 3, Fri. 2018 / August 10, Fri. 2018

Episode #90

We've Got Kawaii in the Bag

July 13, Fri. 2018 / July 27, Fri. 2018

It is a known fact that a woman does carry an evening bag at dinner time. Truthfully, we live in the busiest times in the history of the human race. You shouldn't get ready, you need to stay ready. The sheer volume of necessary products and items, no matter your profession or gender, can be shocking and, if you're not careful, just end up a giant mess. Join us as we learn how to put every inch of space to use, in any bag, that'll keep you ready, to walk into the room purse first.

Episode #89

Heads UP! Japan's Head Accessory Craze

July 6, Fri. 2018 / July 20, Fri. 2018

A certain Australian songstress famously claims “I just can’t get you out of my head…” In Japan’s case, it’s a little higher up. Hats and headwear are all the rage, ranging from the ordinary to the outrageous and we are living for it! You’ll meet serious hat collectors and learn the science behind choosing the perfect hat for yourself. Seriously! There’s an equation and all! Watch as Mr. Yabatan and RinRin put the equation to the test and see Misha channel her inner Isabella Blow. This is just too good to miss!



  • #90 Maiko

  • #89 Hiromi

  • #88 Saga_

  • #87 Nahotass

  • #86 Meika

  • #85 Sakura Nakajima

  • #84 Muyua

  • #83 Micream

  • #82 Chami

  • #81 Mika Oitsuki


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