Announcing the Kawaii Your Bear!

An original teddy bear created from the everyone’s keywords is finally complete! Sebastian Masuda has created a Kawaii Your Bear from the keywords sent in from the viewers with the theme, “what you imagine when you hear the word ‘kawaii’”.
Thank you for all of the posts!
This is the comment that we got from Sebastian Masuda:

Sebastian Masuda

Thank you for all of the messages. I’ve been wondering how I should incorporate these keywords, but in the end, I was able to create a kawaii, powerful and energetic teddy bear. There were a lot of keywords such as “Fluffy” and “Glitter”, so I decided to put more toys on than usual. I also made it more colorful. If you look at it closely, it seems to have many different stories to it. Hope you like it!
This bear will come up as a symbol of this show.


glitter, fluffy, color, love, global, fantasy, cute, funny, bubble, candy, happy, fun, unique, sparkles, stars, smiles, timeless, fearless, edgy, experimental, harmony, pastel, escape, reality, innocent, refreshing, steampunk, wonderland, sparkle, beam, handmade, simple style, cotton candy, everything, soul, heart, true love, fuels my fire, unicorn, galaxy, magic, friends, dream, sky, dreamland, paradise etc.

There were many more!
Thank you for your participation!