Kawaii Leader Prize

The 6th Kawaii Leader has been decided!
The winner is... Tracy Dizon!!

We received a total of nearly 250 Kawaii Leader entries. Each contestant sent in a photo and short essay that expressed what "Kawaii" meant to them.
Like previous years, we found it very difficult to narrow down the entries.
Once again, thanks to everyone who took part in the contest!
Here at Kawaii International, we will continue to announce more events and projects for all of you to take part in, so stay tuned!

You can watch the winner being announced from the following Video on Demand link:

Tracy Dizon(Philippines)

All my friends and family in New York, the Philippines, and all over the world—thank you for voting for me.

I hope to continue designing and bring Kawaii culture to the global stage from New York.
I also plan to talk about Kawaii culture to the fashion schools in New York and the Philippines!

Thank you all!

RinRin/ MISHA (MC)

I think it's interesting this time, because until now we've six rounds of Kawaii Leaders. A lot of them were really young girls, which is amazing. This time it's interesting to see someone who has life experience. They know what they like and they know they like Kawaii.
I think she's a great example of what hard work can do.
She's got a son, she's been able to raise her son, She has her own brand, she's a working girl boss.
I think that is something that can be really inspiring to people!
It's not age-limited at all. She's an amazing example of that. Plus she has a little boy too. It's amazing to see how successful she's been.
MISHA & RinRin
Congratulations to Tracy Dizon for winning!

Video on Demand Available!

Episode #110
Tokyo, Capital of T-shirt Culture
Broadcast on September 6, Fri. 2019
The 6th Kawaii Leader will be announced at 26:56.

Contest Details

The goal of Kawaii International is to examine and share the past, present, and future of the Kawaii aesthetic with the world. Beginning as a small subculture in Japan, Kawaii has become a significant and influential part of Japanese culture and a global phenomenon. Kawaii culture knows no boundaries of race, religion, age, or gender. It embraces individuality and values diversity. We’re looking for someone who understands, loves, and lives the message of Kawaii culture: the next Kawaii Leader. To find the next Leader, we’re staging a fashion competition, 'My Kawaii Personal Style Contest 2019.'
To enter, please submit a completed copy of the registration form and include a photo of yourself, wearing your favorite Kawaii look. We want you to make this decision a difficult one, so the more entries we receive the better! We can’t wait to see what you send us!

Contest Schedule (Dates in JST)

Entries accepted:
From April 25, 2019
Preliminary judgement (popular vote):
June 18 ~ July 10, 2019
Final judgement (popular vote):
July 24 ~ August 21, 2019
Announcement of final results:
September 6, 2019

*All dates are subject to change by the organizing party.

Awards and Prizes

Kawaii.i Contest 2017 is coming to an end.
Our theme was “My Kawaii Personal Style,” and we have never received so many entries! You have all outdone yourselves and we are impressed with the variety of Kawaii Style.
After careful consideration, we have selected 10 finalists but we still need YOU! Watch our finalists’ video introductions and choose who you think has the Kawaii Style of a winner! You can select multiple finalists to vote for, daily, but be sure to vote every day so your voice is heard!
Polls are open from December 8, 2017 – January 8, 2018.
You have one month to help select the next Kawaii Leader! So, you better vote!