Contest Details

The goal of Kawaii International is to examine and share the past, present, and future of the Kawaii aesthetic with the world. Beginning as a small subculture in Japan, Kawaii has become a significant and influential part of Japanese culture and a global phenomenon. Kawaii culture knows no boundaries of race, religion, age, or gender. It embraces individuality and values diversity. We’re looking for someone who understands, loves, and lives the message of Kawaii culture: the next Kawaii Leader. To find the next Leader, we’re staging a fashion competition, 'My Kawaii Personal Style Contest 2019.'
To enter, please submit a completed copy of the registration form and include a photo of yourself, wearing your favorite Kawaii look. We want you to make this decision a difficult one, so the more entries we receive the better! We can’t wait to see what you send us!

Contest Schedule (Dates in JST)

Entries accepted:
From April 25, 2019
Preliminary judgement (popular vote):
June 18 ~ July 10, 2019
Final judgement (popular vote):
July 24 ~ August 21, 2019
Announcement of final results:
September 6, 2019

*All dates are subject to change by the organizing party.

Selection process

The selection process involves the following two stages:

STEP 1- Preliminary Judgement

A public vote will be held to decide the top five entrants from all received submissions. Production staff and program MCs will select their top five entrants based on their own criteria and guidelines. A total of ten entrants will be chosen as finalists who will move forward to the second stage of the competition. In the case of an overlapping selection, by program staff and public vote, the total number of finalists may be reduced.

STEP 2- Final Judgement

The ten finalists must submit a one minute or less self-promotional video. Submission details will be provided to finalists individually by program staff.
All video submissions will be accessible online via the program website, representing each finalist facing the public vote. The Kawaii Leader will be selected by popular vote of the public.

  • In addition to fashion sense, entrant's photos and writing should display an understanding and enthusiasm for Kawaii culture. Other factors, such as online presence and social media influence will be considered.
  • Currently, the program intends to select ten finalists and a single Kawaii Leader. However, all numbers are subject to change.
  • Individuals are limited to a single entry.
  • Carefully read the Terms and Conditions for Entry guidelines. After acknowledging the Terms and Conditions please click the ‘Entry’ button to submit the required application form and photograph. Image files must be in JPEG format not exceeding 10MB.
  • Click here (link to NHK privacy policy for details regarding the handling of all personal information.

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