Makopuri × Kawaii International"Pop OTAKU" Fashion Contest

Makopuri, who works as an idol, cosplayer and an artist will be hosting "Pop OTAKU" fashion contest on Kawaii International's website. "Pop OTAKU" fashion is mixing OTAKU items such as anime characters with other types of fashion such as Harajuku style, Lolita and Gyaru. This style is very attractive in Tokyo now.

Please send the photos which you think is the best match of your favorite style and OTAKU items.

Here's the Winners!
1st Prize
  • Title : Flying with Doraemon
  • Nickname : カイラ

My favorite part of the outfit is my DIY takecopter cap because it makes me feel like a Doraemon girl, haha~ ^^v

I actually made the bell choker and blue skirt using materials from 100 yen shop. :-)

Prize for Winners
2nd Prize
  • Title : Momo Neko
  • Nickname : Zevy Lily

Hello everyone !!~

This look was inspired by Cats and peaches :D

I wore a huge pleated chocker on my neck because cats often wear collars :3

I layered the ribbons on my head because cats like to play with ribbon and often get wrapped around it !~

I also think that white fluffy cats are very very cute :D so i wore a white wig with a fluffy tutu skirt :D

I also wore 2 kind of socks. 1 is white in colour and the other is peach colour. the reason why i did this is because some cats have paws that are different colour from their entire leg. This makes them look like they are wearing shoes ! so cute! so i decided to lay the peach coloured socks over the white ro represent that! ~ <3

Prize for Winners
3rd Prize
  • Title : Neon Cute
  • Nickname : Ai

The ”otaku” elements of my outfit is the Pikachu shirt, pink hat with ears, and my Hello Kitty socks and shoes.

I combine cute items with lots of accessories to create an overall cute and bright-colored outfit.

Prize for Winners