Episode #99Kakkoii! 80s & 90s Back in Style!

The theme for this episode of Kawaii International is “Kakkoii!! 80s & 90s Back in Style!” showcasing past trends currently experiencing a revival in Japan! Mr. Yabatan reports on the Kekenoko-zoku, a colorful dance group that was active during the 80’s in Harajuku! Check out flashy “bubble” style street snaps as worn on the streets of Harajuku and see why retro Japanese-style cafés have become all the rage! Don’t miss it! [UTC]
February 1, Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30 / 18:30
Shooting Locations
  • SHIBUYA109

    SHIBUYA109 This iconic fashion mall serves as the symbol of Shibuya and has continued to set trends for the young generations. Our program introduced the GALevent held here in autumn 2018. Place: Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Coffee Shop GALANT

    Coffee Shop GALANT This kissa café has been around since 1977.
    With a menu that still retains nostalgic flavors, the café has been drawing in young customers.
    The food here is adored by people of all ages.
    Place: Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo


    COFFEE HOUSE ROUEN The history of this kissa café stretches all the way back to 1971. The menu offers over 80 types of coffee and some even come with a performance. Place: Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo

  • kissashitsu_hibinoawa

    kissashitsu_hibinoawa Passed down from a long-standing kissa cafe, this kissa cafe opened its doors in 2018. One of the best features about this spot? It's just like a secret hideout. Place: Sengawa-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo

  • Renaissance

    Renaissance This spot is known as a classical music kissa. It comes with plenty of rules and sitting in silence is one of them. Place: Koenjiminami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Photobook
  • Billimayu

    Billimayu Billimayu is a high-schooler with aspirations of becoming a fashion designer. With themes centered around using "total opposites" on the color scale, he plays around with elements like shoulder-padding to create striking silhouettes.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • carino pan

    How to make: Miniature toast accessories
    carino pan
    Carino pan taught us how to make accessories using real bread and a variety of toppings.

    She's a miniature bread artist.
    Not only does she sell bread accessories,
    but even holds workshops.

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