Episode #97J-Beauty Makeup: Trends You Need to Know!

Have you ever seen someone who looks like they have a personal lighting department? They’re perfect, they're beautiful, they look like Linda Evangelista, they look like a model. As it turns out, the 'natural look' isn’t so natural. Misha and RinRin are in the studio, exploring Japanese makeup trends that are almost unbelievable! Our BFF, Mister Yabatan, is back on the streets of Harajuku on a fact-finding mission! Plus, a professional makeup artist shares some pro-tricks, in a step-by-step tutorial, to achieve the popular 'no-makeup glow' that has taken Tokyo by storm! [UTC]
December 7 Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30 / 18:30
Shooting Locations
  • TOKYU HANDS Shibuya store

    TOKYU HANDS Shibuya store Hardware store that has various products in a wide range of genres such as beauty, health, interior, craft, etc. Place: Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Photobook
  • maina

    maina Vintage shop buyer/director. Introduces her unique style that are both girly and boyish.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Eriko Hanada

    How to make: Sweet Christmas Tree Biscuit
    Eriko Hanada
    She taught us how to make a Christmas tree motif bread by laying out star pattern cookies.

    Food Artist. She is an expert at making colorful and decorative confectionaries. She also shares her works on some medias and has published her book.

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