Episode #87Home Sweet Home: Kawaii Home Tour

Long ago, a young girl clicked the heels of her ruby slippers together chanting “There’s no place like home…” It turns out, she was right. Let us take you on an adventure around Tokyo to see unbelievable houses and meet the lucky few who simply think of it as “home.”
The studio gets a wee makeover, Mr. Yabatan goes back in time, and we even get a catch a glimpse of both Misha's and RinRin’s apartments! Just click your heels together, three times…
June 1 Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30 / 18:30
Shooting Locations
  • Kodaira Neo-Cultural Style Home

    Kodaira Neo-Cultural Style Home A newly-built house that recreates the style of the 1920's Japanese architecture. The blending of Japanese and Western styles has its unique retro-feeling. You can tour the house if you make a reservation beforehand. Place: Gakuennishimachi, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo

  • Seria VenusFort

    Seria VenusFort A popular 100 yen shop in Japan that offers a wide range of convenient products at reasonable prices.Also great for DIY lovers. Place: Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Photobook
  • Nahotass

    Nahotass A staff member of the store. She will show us her Spring-colored Lolita style.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • DIY Perpetual Calendar

    DIY Perpetual Calendar
    Chiaki Enami
    She taught us how to make a natural-looking perpetual calendar using driftwoods.

    A DIY creater. She is getting popular amongst DIY fans; she has been featured on magazines.

  • Tomomi Nagayama

    Tomomi Nagayama An interior stylist. She is in charge of styling magazines and interior brand catalogs; she is one of the most successful stylists now.

  • Mr. Yabatan

    Mr. Yabatan A video-comedian from Norway. He uploads videos on social medias. He is famous for the series of videos of him talking to random strangers he meets on the streets.

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