Episode #57Kawaii #SquadGoals
Today’s show puts you viewers in the spotlight! We hand over the mic to our kawaii fans to introduce a coverage on the kawaii scenes worldwide as Kawaii Reporters! This way we can see how fans find unique and localized ways to enjoy kawaii culture across the globe! So, this episode is about our Kawaii Reporters! It’s called Kawaii SquadGoals! SquadGoals is a trendy hashtag now spreading in the social media. It’s a slang that means “an ideal group of friends.” We’ll update you on how our kawaii squads are making things happen around the world!
Plus, Misha interviews Sebastian Masuda, the godfather of kawaii culture who travels around the world. Find out what inspires him as an artist, and the latest info on his global project, the TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE.
February 25, Sat. 4:10/11:10/16:10/22:10
February 25, Sat. 13:10/20:10
February 26, Sun. 1:10/7:10
Kawaii #SquadGoals
Kawaii Tutorial
  • Let’s dye the tote bag with indigo in “Ori-Shibori” method

    Transforming your eyes into glamorous Night Sky with False Eyelashes!!
    Miyuki is a false eyelash decorator, and customizes false eyelashes to make them look Kawaii! In this episode, she taught us how to decorate the eyelashes to the theme, “night sky with beautiful sparkling stars.”

Kawaii Reporter
  • Francesca

    Francesca Francesca is a Lolita fan, she gave us a report on the “Lolita Christmas Tour” held in Milano, Italy. She introduced to us some interesting ideas, such as chartering a trolley.


Hesti Harajuku

Hesti Harajuku She is a Kawaii reporter and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. She teaches at an university, and loves the kawaii culture so much that she wrote a book about it!

Sebastian Masuda

Sebastian Masuda Sebastian Masuda is an artist, art director, founder of 6%DOKIDOKI, and an evangelist of kawaii.

Tokyo Photobook
  • shochim /Ally

    shochim / Ally Shochim is a student and a staff at a store, and Ally is a staff at a cafe. They showed us a couple’s twin style using their favorite pastel colors.

  • Aoi Yamada

    Aoi Yamada Aoi Yamada is a high school student and a dancer. She showed us her fashion which used items that incorporated pictures and drawings that she drew.

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