Episode #56The Icons of Tokyo Street Style
This episode will feature Tokyo Photobook, a popular segment that has been continuing from its first air. From over 100 fashionistas that have appeared on the shows in the last five years, we’ll focus on the three fashionistas who standout among the others. We’ll set eyes on their daily lifestyle, where their creativity is born and catch on their passion towards fashion. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to how the popular fashionistas have changed over the years.
For Kawaii Reporter, third round Kawaii Leader, Kazumi will report to us the Lolita event that was held in Chile!
January 28, Sat. 4:10/11:10/16:10/22:10
January 28, Sat. 13:10/20:10
January 29, Sun. 1:10/7:10
The Icons of Tokyo Street Style
Shooting Locations
  • Bunka Fashion College

    Bunka Fashion College The biggest fashion school in Japan. Aside from fashion designing and creating, they teach fashion business as well. Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


    SANTO NIBUN NO ICHI One of the popular second hand shops in Harajuku. They specifically carry items that are baggy and in pastel colors. They have five shops in Japan. Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


    HAIGHT&ASHBURY From street to mode style, a select shop that imports second hand clothes that incorporates the current trend. Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Let’s dye the tote bag with indigo in “Ori-Shibori” method

    Let’s dye the tote bag with indigo in “Ori-Shibori” method
    Shiowaki Koyomi
    She is an expert of indigo dyeing at an indigo dyeing studio in Ome city, Tokyo called “Kosoen.” This time she’ll teach you how to dye a tote bag using the indigo dyeing method called “Ori-Shibori.”

Kawaii Reporter
  • Kazumi

    Kazumi She is a Kawaii Leader from Bolivia. She’ll report an event that was held in Santiago, Chile, which Lolitas from all over South America gathered.

    Get to know more about Kazumi! >>



Shoushi He is a student that goes to a fashion school in Tokyo. He attracts attention with his unique clothes and hairstyles. He is a fashionista who was featured in the street snapshots many times.


mico She is a founder of the second hand shop, “SANTO NIBUN NO ICHI”. She’s an expert of incorporating the trend into vintage fashion. She established this brand on her own while making designs of her clothing.


Mappy She is a fifteen year old fashionista who has over 140,000 followers on her SNS. She first appeared in Tokyo Photobook when she was thirteen years old.

Tokyo Photobook
  • Hikapu

    Hikapu She is a shop girl as well as a talent. She showed us a style that was inspired by kindergarten kids who often wear pastel pink.

  • Moeka

    Moeka She is a salon model who is a middle school student. Her style is mainly black with cheetah print making it the focal motif of her outfit. She mixed maturity and adolescence into one style.

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