Episode #49Kawaii in My House!
This time’s segment is about Kawaii rooms. Japanese young people not only live but also “have fun” and “enjoy” decorating their own rooms. We go more into details on thier lifestyles!
There are a lot of latest information on Kawaii rooms filled with easy DIY tips from room making masters, introducing fun items to decorate and even online service where you can see the pictures of the actual rooms that they post.
We got the total coverage on the life of Katy, the Kawaii Leader from Myanmar, who is living in Tokyo.
In the Kawaii News Reporter segment, Mila the Kawaii Leader from France makes an appearance! She is going to report the Lolita event, “Under the Sea” which is held by Street Fashion Europe.
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Episode #49 Kawaii in My House!
Shooting Locations
  • VILLAGE VANGUARD Shimokitazawa

    VILLAGE VANGUARD Shimokitazawa It is an unique and profound interior shop like no other that will excite you just by looking at the products. Inside the store is described as “Book store where you can hang out” and is like a maze! There are books, CDs, gadgets, and character items all crowded in one.
    This time, the sub shop manager, Akira Hasegawa showed us recommended items that will spice up your room.
    Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

  • Tunnel Inc.

    Tunnel Inc. A company that runs and created the app that lets you post photos of your room, “RoomClip”. This app was launched four years ago and now has more than a million users. You can tag your pictures, participate in contests that are frequently held and can enjoy the fun of decorating the room by sharing it with other users! Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

  • Prince Shokai

    OAKHOUSE A real estate agency that manages a share house which Katy lives.
    They recommended houses that you can rent mainly in Tokyo, Saitama, and Chiba. They offer variety of houses from large social residence where you share a house to apartments and guesthouses. The staff are multilingual where they can speak Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese and French, so many foriegners are users of this service as well.
    Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


    JISHUGAKKAN JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL A Japanese Language school that many foreign students attend. From Japanese conversations to Kanji studies, they offer classes according to each individual’s levels. In the classes they not only teach the language but also puts importance on teaching and understanding Japanese culture and customs. Mizue, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

Kawaii Tutorial
  • Haruka流デコラメイク!

    Haruka style Decola make-up!
    Haruka Kurebayashi
    She is a popular Decola fashion model that models for magazines such as “KERA”. She taught us how to do the Decola make-up. Her tips were to use colorful shadows for the eye make-up, and using stickers for the decoration.

Kawaii Reporter
  • Mila

    Mila The French Kawaii Leader, Mila went to go report an event called “Street Fashion Europe”. It is one of the biggest events where all Lolitas of Europe gather, and has been held every year since 2014. This time it was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This year’s theme was “Under the Sea” and many Lolitas joined the event with their own unique styles. And Mila interviewed the participants!

    Get to know more about Mila!>>


Runa Aiba

Runa Aiba She is a director and designer at a fashion brand, RRR BY SUGAR SPOT FACTORY. She posts her cute room, as well as her cooking and fashion on Instagram, where she has 80,000 followers. This time, Melody, the MC visits her home and learns the tips on how to easily transform a normal room into a Kawaii room!

Katsura Nakagawa

Katsura Nakagawa She is in charge of the users of the app where you can upload pictures of your room on “RoomClip”, run by Tunnel, Inc. She originally was an user of this app, and now posts exclusive pictures of her room.


swaro109 She is the owner of the online shop that sells her original interior, “S.W.R.” She is an user of RoomClip. The picture of the room that she posted on RoomClip got attention, and thanks to this, she decided to open her own shop. She showed us her DIY room using industrial items and cool integrated vintage fiber product.


Katy She is a girl who was born in Myanmar. She met with Kawaii International in 2010 at Yangon, the biggest city in Myanmar when there was a collaboration project with the TV company in Myanmar. Her hobby is clothes making. She makes unique clothes with her creative ideas. Thanks to her amazing talents, she was chosen as a Kawaii Leader in 2015.
Her dream is to become a fashion designer in Japan and to make her dream come true, she came to Japan by herself in the spring of 2016. Currently, she is attending a language school and is preparing to enter a fashion school.

Get to know more about Katy!>>

Tokyo Photo Book
  • Rikarin

    Rikarin She is an university student. Her style is wearing pajamas as a fashion, which is trending in Harajuku. She puts on a red pajamas and creates a colorful style. She keeps on searching for her originality by expressing what she is feeling inside through her fashion.

  • Ayuyun

    Ayuyun Shop staff at Ganguro (tanned skin) café. She created a style where she showed off her tanned skin and incoorporated big prints and the flower, hibiscus.

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