Episode #119Be Sustainably Kawaii! ~ Vol. 1 Everyday Goods ~

This time on Kawaii International...
Be Sustainably Kawaii! ~Vol. 1 Everyday Goods~

This time we introduce you to the newest affordable goods found at Japan's largest trade fair as well as feature a brand that takes scraps and upcycles them to create cute items!
Plus, Yabatan takes part in a Kawaii Tutorial! A lot of these DIY and remake tips can be used at home, too, so feel free to take notes!
In the studio, we take a look at eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic straw and attempt to create reusable wraps using beeswax.
March 6, Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30
Shooting Locations
  • The 89th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show Spring 2020

    The 89th TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show Spring 2020 Japan's largest household goods trade fair.
    In addition to a booth focused on SDGs, plenty of sustainable items are on display across the event.


    NEWSED A brand that upscales scraps.
    Products can be purchased online or in-person at the occasional pop-up store.

  • Michikusa Art Labo

    Michikusa Art Labo Run by Keito Shiina, this handmade workshop class allows participants to try their hand at remaking goods. The course is open to everyone, whether you're a beginner or a pro.
    Yabatan learned how to make a bag out of wrapping paper.
    Place: Asakusabashi Taito-ku, Tokyo

  • ToiToiToi

    ToiToiToi Run by Kyo Suenaga, this cafe also provides a DIY workshop for visitors and sells paint and tools for DIY projects.
    Yabatan learned how to turn an empty can into a vintage item.
    Place: Akayama Kawaguchi-City, Saitama

Tokyo Photobook
  • Keita Tokunaga

    Keita Tokunaga Fashion writer.
    Under his colorful knit, Keita shows off his free-flowing sweatshirt style.

  • Chiemi Yuki

    Chiemi Yuki Beeswax wrap workshop instructor.
    In the studio, Chiemi teaches us how to create eco-friendly wraps using beeswax and cotton.

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