Episode #118Unique Hotels & Unique Experiences

Japan's high-tech hotels are more than just for sleeping.
This time, we're introducing you to hotels that will make your stay an entertainment experience like none other!

We also feature a charismatic university student who runs a hotel popular with the youth, as well as a woman whose hobby is spending weekdays at hotels.
The two of them share their love for hotels.

And in the studio, a hotel critic will go in-depth on the latest hotel news and information.
February 14, Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30
Shooting Locations
  • hotel koe tokyo

    hotel koe tokyo This apparel brand-produced hotel contains a cafe, apparel shop, and hotel in a single location. Guests can experience a mix of traditional and new culture curated by the apparel brand. Place: Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Theater Zzz

    Theater Zzz A hostel that is described as "a movie theater where you can stay the night." Every night, guests enjoy a feature film while they drift away to sleep in their tents. Each movie is chosen by hostel staff to fit each group of viewers as best as possible. Place: Ishiwara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


    HAMACHO HOTEL TOKYO A hotel in a local Tokyo area selected by a woman whose hobby is staying at hotels. From the exterior to the guest rooms, the hotel is designed using the keywords "homemade," "Japanese," and "modernism." Place: Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


    THE RYOKAN TOKYO YUGAWARA This hotel was produced by a university student. Younger guests love the choice of different unique hotel plans, such as the "Writer's Plan." Place: Yugawara-machi, Ashigara Shimogun, Kanagawa

Tokyo Photobook
  • eripon

    eripon A housewife that showed off her colorful and energetic fashion made with second-hand clothes from the US and Europe.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • The Rose Pin

    The Rose Pin
    Shiori Fujikawa
    Shiori teaches how to make a colorful rose pin using the tsumami technique.

    A handicraft artist who specializes in various sewing techniques, including tsumami, embroidery, and wool felt craft.

  • Nobuaki Takizawa

    Nobuaki Takizawa A hotel critic who has stayed in about 2,000 rooms, from luxury hotels to guesthouses. His style is to write reviews from the perspective of the customer.

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