Episode #114What You Need to Know to Make it in Japan!

Foreigners Following their Dreams in Japan!

This time, we follow a woman from Germany who works with Japanese kimono and a student from the UK working hard to spread Tokyo fashion back home.

We also show you the real face of our favorite reporter, Mr. Yabatan.

Watch and you might learn some hints to help you find your dream in Japan!
November 8, Fri. 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30
Tokyo Photobook
  • Zastin

    Zastin Drummer/University Student
    He shows off his all-linen layered fashion.

Kawaii Tutorial
  • A sushi mosaic made with a milk carton

    A sushi mosaic made with a milk carton
    Kyara Kyara
    She teaches you how to make perfect party sushi using a milk carton.

    Cooking expert. Presents some cute culinary ideas easy enough to make at home.

  • Anji Salz

    Anji Salz A kimono stylist from Germany.
    She is particularly skilled at implementing unique accessories to create a brand-new style of kimono fashion. She also offers tours where you can experience kimono styling.

  • Choom

    Choom From the UK.
    Works as the editor for an online fashion magazine while attending graduate school. Her focus is on Tokyo street culture and fashion.

  • Mr. Yabatan

    Mr. Yabatan Mr. Yabatan is a video comedian from Norway that you know as our reporter. He is very popular among the Japanese youth and also sometimes collaborates with brands.

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