Episode #101-Year Anniversary Tokyo Kawaii Tour
1-Year Anniversary Tokyo Kawaii Tour!! This month, Kawaii International jumps out of the studio, and our MC girls go around Tokyo to see the Kawaii spots on the bus. Looking back at the previous episodes, they will visit the popular places according to the viewers’ choice, and introduce the unique experiences there with the Kawaii Experts in the previous episodes. Here is what’s more; as “People’s Choice Award,” No.1 Kawaii follower in Tokyo street will be chosen from the winners of previous Kawaii Showoff. [UTC]
March 29, Fri. 23:10
March 30, Sat. 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10/ 15:10/ 19:10
March 30, Sat. 8:10/12:10/16:10/20:10
March 31, Sun. 0:10/4:10
Episode #01
Shooting Locations
  • SHIBUYA 109

    SHIBUYA 109 Popular fashion building in Shibuya where MC girls visited. Address: 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
    Phone: +81-3-3477-5111

  • Ank Rouge

    Ank Rouge Popular shop where the guest Okarie works as a director, and MC girls visited. Address: 6F, SHIBUYA 109 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0043
    Phone: +81-3-3477-5029

  • At Home Café

    At Home Café Popular Maid café in Akihabara where the guest Hitomi works and MC girls visited. Address: 4F-7F, Mitsuwa Bldg. 1-11-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
    Phone: +81-3-3255-2808

Kawaii Tutorial

    AKIRA The theme is "Japanese punk makeup". The instructor is a popular DOKUMO, AKIRA.

Kawaii Around The World
  • In addition to the introduction of the posted works for the year, we reviewed the collaboration projects with German fashion TV show “red!” & Vietnamese fashion TV show “Pinky Teen.”
    The feedback videos from the MC Hadnet Tesfai from “red!” & the producer Thai from “Pinky Teen” were introduced.


Okarie (Rie Matsuoka)

Okarie (Rie Matsuoka) Popular DOKUMO of Gyaru magazine & charismatic blogger.
She was chosen to be a creative director of a popular fashion brand.
She appeared in Kawaii tutorial on the 7th episode.


hitomi Charismatic Maid, working at one of the most famous & long-established Maid cafe for 8 years long.
She’s the most popular Maid of among the other 180 girls at her cafe. She appeared on the 5th episode as a guest.


Thai Producer of Vietnamese fashion TV show “Pinky Teen.”
He sent us the feedback video of “Super Extra Special Edition! Giving Vietnam Kawaii Makeover,” the featured project on the 8th episode.

Hadnet Tesfai

Hadnet Tesfai MC of German fashion show “red!”
For this summarizing program, she sent us the feedback video of “Hime Makeover” in Special Collaboration with German TV show “red!”

Tokyo Photo Book
  • Hatsune

    Hatsune Model of magazine “Nicky”

  • Maho Uehara / Miho Uehara

    Maho Uehara / Miho Uehara Twin students

  • mikki

    mikki Shop staff of “SPPINS” in Harajuku

  • Takazumi Hikichi

    Takazumi Hikichi Model of magazine “Men’s egg” also a designer for his own brand.

Special Clip
  • Clip Image

    MC Misha Janette chooses the best three of her favorite works from the previously posted Kawaii Showoff.
    She evaluates with the eyes of a stylist.
    Your styling photo might be introduced...!? Don't miss it!

    Reporter: Misha Janette Born in Washington, USA. She graduated from Stylist major of Bunka Fashion College. She is a stylist, freelance editor and reporter. Came to Japan in 2004, working with musicians, and magazines internationally.

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