Shooting Locations

1-17 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Tel +81-3-5728-4410

The second hand clothes shop in Shibuya , introduced in Tokyo Photobook, owned by Naoto Okutomi.

Tokyo Kawaii Trend

We feature the hair style and the fashion of "cat-ear" which is a trend in Tokyo now.

Guest in Studio

  • Cheesie

    A Gyaru blogger from Malaysia. She won Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards 2011 Best Fashion Blog title.

  • Rin Rin

    A model from USA. She is a special model for a famous lolita brand, "Angelic Pretty".

Tokyo Photo Book

  • Erichosu

    Popular gyaru model for "JK egg " magazine.

  • YUKA

    Sales assistant in popular shop in Harajuku, "6%DOKIDOKI"

  • Misa Kimura

    University student

  • Naoto Okutomi

    Shop manager for a second hand clothes store, "BOY", in Shibuya

Kawaii Showoff

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Kawaii Tutorial


Introducing Erichosu's special technique for putting on fake eyelashes.


Masuda Sebastian

Masuda Sebastian is a top figure in Harajuku kawaii culture. He even does art direction for the likes of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Kawaii International. This time, he featured Rune Naito, who was a Japanese illustrator led kawaii culture in 1950-1970. You can see the origin of "Kawaii" in Rune's works.

Kawaii Around The World

Hidox Rose Addict

The masters of boy's lolita, Hidox Rose Addict, sent us a video letter from South america. They are talented designers and won the special prize in DIY fashion contest we held in previous show. They introuced us their own works they sold on internet.


The special guest Cheesie, showed the backstage of "Kawaii International".



Gyaru blogger from Malaysia. She made Japanese fake eyelashes viral in Asia, by introducing it on her blog. She was selected as the Asia's most influential fashion blogger by Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards 2011.