ABOUT “KAWAII INTERNATIONAL” Capture the essence of Tokyo’s vibrant “Kawaii”-style pop-culture. Anything that fans of Kawaii worldwide would want to know will be on here!

ON AIR SCHEDULE In UTC or Universal Time Coordinated:
0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30
In JST or Japan Standard Time:
FRI. 9:30 / 15:30 / 22:30

*Third and fourth Fridays are repeats.
*At the same timings, the TV program will be streamed on NHK WORLD’s website as well. The viewing is live only, not for downloading.
How to Watch the TV program Through Satelite, Cable, IPTV, DTH, etc.

MC :
  • MISHA JANETTE Born in the USA and based in Tokyo since 2004, Misha graduated from Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College which counts Yohji Yamamoto as a graduate.
    She was a fashion columnist at The Japan Times newspaper for 12 years, has designed and styled costumes for J-pop and American Pop stars including Koda Kumi and Nicki Minaj, and was a 1st-generation fashion blogger with Tokyo Fashion Diaries. She was named as one of “500 People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry” by Business of Fashion and in 2016 she was #8 on a list of most respected global fashion professionals by Japanese fashion business magazine. In 2017 she started her own creative agency and is now creative advisor at one of the most popular Japanese cosmetics brands. 
  • RinRin Doll RinRin Doll is a YouTuber, model, and MC in Tokyo. She documents Japan’s unique fashion through her video content. As an ambassador of the lolita style, she promotes Japanese fashion through tea parties, shows, and concerts. She has had seen fashion become a wonderful source of community and support, and she hopes to bring people together through a shared interest in Japanese fashion and culture.
  • Jenny Shima Jenny has performed as a singer, actress and voice artist worldwide from cities across the US, Hong Kong, Japan, and even cruise ships throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Currently living in Japan, she has joined numerous singing and narration recordings for TVCMs, band albums, video games and animations. She has been a cast in the NHK educational radio program "Eikaiwa Time Trial" for 7 years. Jenny loves music, photography, yoga and traveling with her family.
  • Mr.YabatanMr. Yabatan is a comedian and video creator from Norway based in Tokyo. He has reached more than 1.5M+ followers among social media from all over the world by making short and humorous videos about himself exploring Japan. He started making videos on social media in 2014, taking inspiration from his friends talking in Japanese which led him to his idea to do imitations introducing Japanese culture both in English and Japanese. Along with his cheerful character with pure reaction to everything he encounters, with a phrase “I am really surprised!” (HONTONI BIKKURI SHITA in Japanese) which is now becoming a new upcoming popular catchphrase.
STAFF : art work
  • Art Director: Masuda Sebastian Designed the program's logo, arranged the girl's room in the opening title and directed overall visual image.
  • Music Producer: Manabu Nagayama Music Programmer: Go Sato All music used in the program are created by these two artists.
  • Computer Animation: Takuho Asanuma Creates graphics in the opening.
  • Illustrator: Mayuko Ike Creates all on-screen subtitles, in program titles, and illustrations. All illustrations are one of a kind, hand-rendered pieces.
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