Want to see something again? Now’s your chance!

Want to see something again? Now’s your chance!


Episode #45Kawaii Countdown 2016
–Viewers’ Choice Special–
February 27 Sat. 2016
February 27 Sat. 13:10/20:10
February 28 Sun. 01:10/07:10
*UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
 JST (Japan Standard Time)
With the title of Kawaii Countdown, we go over the Kawaii scenes that were aired in 2016. With your votes, we show you the clips you want to see again, and want to know again. It’s a must-see for people who missed the previous programs.
You get to pick from a selection of episodes and segments. We share with you “TOKYO PHOTO BOOK” which photogenically shows unique fashions with the scenes from streets of Tokyo, and “TUTORIAL” which teaches you makeup, fashion, and nail skills. Also for those who want to know more, we have updates of the exclusive clips. We share with you the latest trend! Of course, we show you the most popular episode that introduces Kawaii fans around the world, “Kawaii Fan Clip From the World.”
Also in the latest news from TOKYO street fashion, we pick up the trendy “Yami (sick) Kawaii” that’s emerging in the world of Harajuku. We go exclusive with the characteristic of this style and fashion psychology too! There’s so much to see in 49 minutes! Don’t miss it! How to Watch the TV program Through Satelite, Cable, IPTV, DTH etc.


Episode #44New Subcultures of Kawaii
Currently, a fashion that has been inspired by subculture is getting high attention in Harajuku, home of the new trends. Although a few years ago, subcultures such as anime, manga, and games were considered to be enjoyed only by the “OTAKU” and not by fashionistas, but there is a phenomenon ... MORE>>

「The Kawaii Leaders Project 2015」

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