Episode #41The Hunt for Kawaii in NYC
October 31, Sat.
October 31, Sat. 13:10/20:10
November 1, Sun. 01:10/07:10
*UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
 JST (Japan Standard Time)
Continuing from the previous episode, this is the New York Special Part 2. With the artist who leads the Kawaii culture, Sebastian Masuda, we went exclusive behind the scenes of his art project, “Time After Time Capsule.” Not only he embraces Kawaii as fashion but as art and shows the hopes and dreams for him and for the others. Also the show’s MC, MISHA JANETTE shows you Kawaii that she found in NY. She visited Patricia Field and she tried the NY styling that Patricia recommended and also went to the nail salon that many celebrities love and learned the latest nail styles! Also in the segment that features the Kawaii Leader candidates in the show, we visited the contest winner, Kacey. We show the real Kawaii life of Kacey, where she is a student at the prestigious design school in NY, and is the only one that studies Japanese street fashion in the school. How to Watch the TV program Through Satelite, Cable, IPTV, DTH etc.


Episode #40Kawaii Above-Underground in NYC
In this episode we will show you the scenes from the fashion show in Brooklyn, “Tokyo Above-Underground Fashion Show” which MISHA JANETTE was the fashion director. The theme was the “Tokyo style fashion that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world.” with 10 different brands and 20 different stylings... MORE>>

「The Kawaii Leaders Project 2015」

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