Episode #106

Kawaii-for-Rent?! 〜Japan’s Unique Rental Services!〜

May 10, Fri. 2019

Long ago, before the advent of streaming services, watching a movie at home was prefaced with a rental. Those days are long gone. However, Japan’s rental service game is growing stronger every day! What’s for rent? Pretty much everything! From a limousine party to that designer handbag that suits your look but not your budget. When it comes to rentals, the sky’s the limit!
What else is for rent, in Japan? Tune in to find out!

Episode #105

The Next Evolution of Desserts

May 3, Fri. 2019

We’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover. The influence of kawaii culture stretches far beyond fashion and pop culture. Japanese patissiers got the memo and their jaw-dropping creations are putting dessert lovers to the test. In the world of Japanese confectionary, things are not always as they appear… To say attention to detail would be a vast understatement.
This episode is guaranteed to cause at least one double-take and an insatiable craving for something sweet.

Episode #104

Tokyo Tour Vol.2 ~Kawaii Omotenashi~

April 12, Fri. 2019

In this edition of our Tokyo Tour, RinRin is joined by Taiwanese social media star Meg Lu. Little did Meg know, we’d planned a surprise makeover dream tour! The first stop was a makeup tutorial and then it was time for Meg to get into some “Tokyo Girl Street Mix” threads chosen by a professional stylist. Next, RinRin and Meg went for a spooky meal served by a vampire… don’t worry, they weren’t on the menu! After their fright, RinRin decided it was time to work some Lolita style magic!
Be bold and try new styles, like Meg! You won’t regret it!

Episode #103

Tokyo Tour Vol.1 ~ Dreams Come True ~

April 5, Fri. 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, the Pixie has landed.
5th Round Kawaii Leader, Pixielocks, journeyed from Canada to Japan and we had plans… and a few tricks up our sleeve. While she and Misha were trend-hunting in Harajuku, Pixie was given the surprise of lifetime when she emerged from a dressing room to discover her fashion idol, Sebastian Masuda, waiting to critique her designs! After sampling some kawaii desserts with Misha, our favorite magical girl served some Cardcaptor Sakura realness during a professional cosplay photoshoot.
Dreams come true and we’re so happy to share some of Pixielocks’ with you!



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