Episode #48It’s a Retro Revival!/
Domo Time Capsule in the US Part1

May 28 Sat. 2016
May 28 Sat. 13:10/20:10
May 29 Sun. 01:10/07:10
*UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
 JST (Japan Standard Time)
In this episode, we’ll be talking about “a Retro Revival,” as well as the Domo Time Capsule in the US! Retro souvenir jackets are silky with big embroidery on them. Japanese guys used to wear souvenir jackets, but now they’re popular with girls too! We’ll show you why!
And, we’ll have a collaboration with the godfather of Kawaii, Sebastian Masuda! It’s a major art project called the TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE. In this project, Masuda has put giant time capsules in cities around the world. Anyone can put in kawaii items and letters, and they’ll be opened 20 years in the future. This time, Masuda made a time capsule shaped like DOMO, NHK’s mascot characer!
And we’ll report from an event in Washington, D.C. in the U.S. Kawaii fans joined us in the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. Don’t miss it! How to Watch the TV program Through Satelite, Cable, IPTV, DTH etc.


Episode #47Genderless Kawaii
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