Episode #95

Next-Gen Magazines: These Are ZINEs!

November 2, Fri. 2018 / November 16, Fri. 2018

Episode #84

Tokyo Sneaker Heads: Customize Your Kicks

October 19, Fri. 2018 (Encore)

There are so many exciting sneaker trends happening in Tokyo, that one episode wasn't enough! See how authentic, handcrafted sneakers are made before Rin Rin takes us to a shop, in Shimokitazawa, that will create your personally designed shoes! Back in the studio you’ll learn how you should actually be tying your shoelaces. Plus we’ve got a brand new Kawaii IRL! See how Sano makes kawaii a part of her life, in Bahrain! This episode sets the record straight. No spoilers, but sometimes the sequel is just as good as the original!

Episode #94

Tokyo's Urban Outdoors ~Kawaii, Chic & Cool~

October 12, Fri. 2018 / November 30, Fri. 2018

So, you’re the outdoorsy type but you just can’t bail on Tokyo, the urban jungle we call home. As usual, we’ve got a secret. A good one. You can live the outdoor fantasy, in the heart of Tokyo! There is a share house designed specifically for those who want the best of both worlds. You’re not alone, fishing vests and rubber boots are being spotted all over Harajuku… after all, it is the birthplace of trends!

Episode #93

Innovative Bento ~Kawaii Food On-The-Go~

October 5, Fri. 2018/ October 26, Fri. 2018

Growing up outside of Japan a paper-bag lunch, or a couple bucks to buy something was perfectly fine. Bad news: bento lunchboxes are a seriously kawaii method communication between hungry family members. Good news: you’re in for the lesson you didn’t even know you wanted!



  • #94 Shen Tanaka

  • #93 Akiyoshi Hashiguchi

  • #92 Hironori Aki Akiyama

  • #91 Zutti Mattia

  • #90 Maiko

  • #89 Hiromi

  • #88 Saga_

  • #87 Nahotass

  • #86 Meika

  • #85 Sakura Nakajima


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Episode #91

Upcycle Your Kawaii

Broadcast on August 3, Fri. 2018

Episode #90

We’ve Got Kawaii in the Bag

Broadcast on September 21, Fri. 2018

Episode #83

Tokyo Sneaker Heads: What’s on the Street

Broadcast on September 14, Fri. 2018

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