70s   80s   90s   00s   10s   11s
No. Program Title Category Subject Duration Organization Country
- 2011 -
11-1 American Experience: Freedom Riders Welfare
WGBH Educational Foundation (PBS) United States
11-2 Found One! Preschool
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
11-3 Refraction: Teaching Fractions through Gameplay Primary
University of Washington Center for Game Science (UW Center for Game Science) United States
11-4 Truth Lies: Order Youth
Channel Encuentro (Encuentro) Argentina
11-5 Chernobyl a natural history? Continuing
Camera Lucida Productions France
11-6 The Test Tube with David Suzuki Innovative Media
National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Canada
11-7 The Light Bulb Conspiracy Youth
Media 3.14 Spain
11-8 Departures Innovative Media
KCET Los Angeles (KCET) United States
11-9 PRIVATE EYES Primary
National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Canada
- 2010 -
10-1 Cosmic Code Breakers:
The Secrets of Prime Numbers
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
10-2 The Show with the Elephant 131 Preschool
WestdeutscherRundfunk (WDR) Germany
10-3 Discover Science: Let's see the speed of sound Primary
NHK, NHK Educational Corporation and Al Jazeera Children's Channel Japan/Qatar
10-4 Syrian School Youth
Open University Worldwide United Kingdom
10-5 Tying Your Own Shoes Welfare
National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Canada
10-6 WDR Klangkiste (Soundbox) Primary
Feed Me Germany
10-7 American Experience: Earth Days Continuing
WGBH Educational Foundation United States
10-8 Busting the Berlin Wall: Episode 2-Fall Continuing Education
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Germany
10-9 Involve Me-Yemeserach Youth
Whiz Kids Workshop (WKW) Ethiopia
- 2009 -
09-1 What's Your News? Preschool
TT Animation (TTA) United Kingdom
09-2 Merle Primary
Katholieke Radio Omroep (KRO) Netherlands
09-3 Jimmy Doherty in Darwin's Garden: Dangerous Ideas Youth
Open University Worldwide United Kingdom
09-4 Sharkworld Continuing
Ranj Serious Games Netherlands
09-5 Cecilie and the School Fairy Welfare
Danmarks Radio (DR) Denmark
09-7 Skylark
NTV (NTV) Mongolia
09-8 The Wonder Pets!
TV Series Divisin
Little Airplane Productions United States
- 2008 -
08-1 Tell Us About Your Life: A Light in the Darkness Youth
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
08-2 Tsehai Loves Learning - Love Preschool
Whiz Kids Workshop (WKW) Ethiopia
08-3 Anash Interactive Primary
Reel Girls Media Inc. (RGM) Canada
08-4 The Spell of Poincaré Conjecture Continuing
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
08-5 Two Schools in Nablus Welfare
Teachers TV United Kingdom
08-6 Asian Corridor in Heaven: Road to Pilgrimage Continuing
Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Rep. of Korea
National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Canada
- 2007 -
07-1 A Lesson In Discrimination Issues in Education
42'00" Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Societe Radio-Canada (CBC Radio-Canada) Canada
07-2 Mystery Hunters-
Early Education
23'18" Apartment 11 Productions Canada
07-3 The Boy Inside Youth Education
47'00" MSK Productions Inc Canada
07-4 Verdun - Descent Into Hell Adult Education
52'25" Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
07-5 I Swear I Saw It: Matinta Perera (episode 4) Early Education
13'00" Empresa Municipal de Multimeios Ltda (MULTIRIO) Brazil
07-6 Inspirations: A West African Story Adult Education
27'02" Teachers TV United Kingdom
07-7 S.O.S. Schule: Cry for Help from the Classroom
(episode 1)
Issues in Education
45'24" Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Germany
- 2006 -
Adult Education
50'15" Apartment 11 Productions Canada
06-2 The Nutty Boy:
The boy with a pan
on the head
Early Education
27'00" Associacao de Communicacao Educativa Roquette Pinto Brazil
06-3 Make Some Noise:
Activism Is Everywhere
Youth Education
22'00" Omni Film Productions Limited & Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada
Issues in Education
23'24" Leoarts Communication India
06-5 The Number of His Days Adult Education
39'59" Danmarks Radio (DR) Denmark
06-6 Heading for peace Early Education
24'30" SPOR Media / Katholike Radio Omroep (KRO) Denmark / The Netherlands
06-7 Flag on Mars: The works of Franco Youth Education
25'03" Universidad Nacional de Columbia, Unimedios, U.N. Television Columbia
- 2005 -
05-1 My Dear Child of the Enemy Adult Education
52'00" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
05-2 Friend Early Education
15'00" Mongol Radio and Television (MRTV) Mongolia
05-3 Fantastic phenomena: Supereyes Youth Education
14'55" Sudwestrundfunk Germany
05-4 Takalani Sesame Presents:
talk to me...
Issues in Education
54'09" South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Kwasukasukela United States, South Africa
05-5 American Experience: The Massie Affair Youth Education
60'00" WGBH Educational Foundation United States
05-6 Children of Nomads Early Education
8'55" Leoarts Communication India
05-7 Mirror Image: Parents Adult Education
20'07" Televisio de Catalunya Spain
- 2004 -
04-1 CNN Presents: Surviving Hunger Adult Education
44'33" Insight News Television & CNN United Kingdom & United States
04-2 Extracurricular Lesson: Welcome Back Old Boy, Magician Maggy Shiro Issues in Education
31'30" NHK Enterprises 21, INC. Japan
04-3 nerve:
How Bad Do You Want It?
Youth Education
22'21" Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Canada
04-4 Children's Supershow: The good old days Early Education
28'44" Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) Norway
04-5 Open A Door Series 4:
Open A Door in South Africa
Early Education
5'00" Ragdoll Ltd. United Kingdom
04-6 Giving Children a Voice:
Who is to blame for the children's plight?
Youth Education
30'20" Plan Kenya Kenya
04-7 Mark Steel Lectures - Great Thinkers of our Time : Aristotle Adult Education
30'00" Open University Worldwide United Kingdom
- 2003 -
03-1 CHILDREN - Full of Life: Learning to Care Issues in Education
48'30" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
03-2 PythagoraSwitch: Edition 25 Let's Look at It Another Way Early Education
15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
03-3 Street Cents: Show 9 Youth Education
23'20" Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Canada
03-4 MARINA Adult Education
52'00" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
03-5 Slavery: program 1 Sold program Youth Education
24'35" TELEAC/NOT Educational Broadcasting Corporation Netherlands
03-6 School of the Highlands Issues in Education
27'40" Asian Council for People's Culture (ACPC) Philippines
03-7 Preschool-Learn To Fly: Episode 26 Tiny Teeth Early Education
21'30" Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) China
- 2002 -
– Episode 13
Early Education
22'44" Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) Korea
Port Antonio – The Local People
Early Education
14'00" Channel 4 Television (C4) United Kingdom
02-3 NATURE AROUND US: Skeletons Early Education
9'40" Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR), Sweden
“Imagine” 2001-2002
Youth Education
50'00" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
02-5 Bombies Adult Education
56'40" Lumiere Productions Inc. Canada
Return to Freetown
Adult Education
44'00" CNN International
& Insight News Television
U.S.A. & United Kingdom
02-7 It’s About Time Issues in Education
54'00" Karuna Films Ltd. Israel
In-Depth - Episode 11
Issues in Education
34'20" Tomasian Cable Television (TOMCAT) Philippines
02-9 TVOKids
5'00" TVOntario (TVO) Canada
02-10 ZOOM: Show #401
28'00" WGBH Educational Foundation U.S.A.
- 2001 -
01-1 A WORLD OF WONDERS: My Life as an Ant Early Education
15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
01-2 I WANT TO KNOW: Soap Bubble and Liquid Surface Tension Early Education
20'00" China Education Television (CETV) China
Dare or Beware?!
Youth Education
22'05" Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) China
01-4 ART & MATHEMATICS: Order in Chaos, Episode 4 Youth Education
25'50" Fundacao Padre Anchieta (TV CULTURA) Brazil
01-5 Sound and Fury Adult Education
55'41" Public Policy Productions & Aronson Film Associates U.S.A.
01-6 YIZO YIZO 2: Episode 5 Issues in Education
51'28" South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) South Africa
01-7 Four Years in Hell Issues in Education
25'20" Young Asia Television Nepal Nepal
- 2000 -
00-1 My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts Early Education
10'01" National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Canada
00-2 ZIG ZAG:
A Walk through Time- Programme 1, Work
Early Education
19'00" British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) United Kingdom
00-3 STOP!:
On Democracy
Youth Education
57'10" Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR) Sweden
00-4 Through A Blue Lens Adult Education
52'08" National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Canada
00-5 "With..."- The Life of a Young Artist - Adult Education
51'40" Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS) Japan
00-6 SUPERTEACHERS: Challenging a Taboo - Waris Dirie - Issues in Education
44'30" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
00-7 About a Bad Dream Issues in Education
49'00" Czech Television (CT) Czech
No. Program Title Category Subject Duration Organization Country
- 1999 -
99-1 MATHEMATICA: Totally Triangle Early Education Mathematics 15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
99-2 The Changing Moon Early Education Science 15'00" Central Institute of Educational Technology(CIET) India
99-3 The Last Supper in New York Youth Education Art 52'00" Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Japan
99-4 GET REAL: Episode 22 Youth Education Social Studies 15'00" South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) South Africa
99-5 ENGLISH FILE:Roots and Water 1 - Poetry fromOther Cultures and Traditions Youth Education Literature 30'00" British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) United Kingdom
99-6 THE PLANETS: Different Worlds Adult Education Science 48'22" British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) United Kingdom
99-7 OFF LIMITS: Strong Language Issues in Education
24'00" Channel 4 Television (C4) United Kingdom
- 1998 -
98-1 BATIBOT (SMALL BUT STRONG) Pre-school Other 24'04" GMA-7 Repubic Broadcasting System, Inc. & Philippine Children's Television Foundation, Inc. Philippines
98-2 STAGE TWO SCIENCE: Inner City - Habitats Primary Science 14'05" Channel 4 Television (C4) United Kingdom
98-3 Planet Biennial Primary Art 31'30" Fundacao Padre Anchieta (TV CULTURA) Brazil
98-4 ON THE EDGE OF THE ODD: Fears of the Full Moon Secondary Literature 24'00" Finnish Broadcasting Co. (YLE) Finland
98-5 ASIA DYNAMIC: Henna on My Hands Adult Culture 52'22" Asia Vision Ltd. New Zealand
98-6 ONLY ONE EARTH: Lost School, Lost Home, Lost Hopes Adult Environment 33'05" Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) Korea
98-7 Learn & Live Adult Other 55'55" The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) U.S.A.
- 1997 -
97-1 TELETUBBIES: Playing in the Rain Pre-school Other 24'00" British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) United Kingdom
97-2 THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN: Freed from School Primary Fight Against Illiteracy 12'09" Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ADF) Germany
97-3 Outsmarting the Sun Primary Health 06'04" Copeland Wilson & Associates Ltd. (CWA) New Zealand
97-4 Bronwen & Yaffa Secondary Morality 27'16" National Failm Board of Canada (NFB) Canada
97-5 Dreamgirl Secondary Civics 25'27" Danmarks Radio (DR) Denmark
97-6 The Chimpanzee's Mind - 19 Years with Ai Adult Science 49'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
97-7 BURKINA FASO: The Concubines - A Theater Project Adult Culture 28'41" Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) Norway
- 1996 -
96-1 STOP LOOK LISTEN - STORIES OF FAITH: Shikhism - The Guru and the Water Carrier Pre-school Culture 15'00" Channel 4 Television (C4) United Kingdom
96-2 ASK ANYTHING: Animal Quiz - What Animals Do Pre-school Science 15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
96-3 GOOD HEALTH: No Bullying Here Primary Morality 14'16" Carlton Television (CAR UK TV) United Kingdom
96-4 ONLY ONE EARTH: Trash - A Hazard to Wildlife Primary Environment 20'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
96-5 X-Attitude Secondary Other 24'00" South African Broadcasting Corp. (SABC) South Africa
96-6 THE PROGRAMME WITH THE MOUSE: Rome - Special Secondary History 29'05" Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) Germany
96-7 HEALTH AND DISEASE: More Than Meets the Eye Adult Social Studies 25'00" BBC Open University Production Centre (BBC/OUPC) United Kingdom
- 1995 -
95-1 SESAME STREET: Show #3305 Gabi's Bike Show Pre-school Other 60'00" Children's Television Workshop (CTW) U.S.A.
95-2 LIFT OFF 2: Heroes (Lift Off to Fire Safety) Pre-school Social Studies 27'40" Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF) Australia
95-3 EXCITING SCIENCE - 5TH GRADE, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: How Animals Are Born Primary Science 15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
95-4 MORE THAN WORDS: Writers Primary Other 14'55" Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) Australia
95-5 THE NEW LIVING BODY: Bones and Joints Secondary Science 19'06" Granada Televisio Ltd. United Kingdom
95-6 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL DIARY: Never Give Up Secondary Morality 54'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
95-7 A School Apart Adult Social Studies 55'00" France 2 (F2) France
- 1994 -
94-1 FOUR WAYS FARM: On Reflections Pre-school Science 09'44" Nederlandse Onderwijs Televisie (NOT) Netherlands
94-2 THE KINGDOM OF FLOWERS: Invitation from the Poppy Pre-school Environment 07'54" Czech Television (CT) Czech
94-3 ENGLISH EXPRESS: What's the Point of Full-Stops? Primary Language (Native or National) 19'05" British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) United Kingdom
94-4 FASCINATING FORAYS INTO NATURE: The Poisoners Primary Science 24'05" Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Germany
94-5 TURNING 16: Turning 16 in Thailand Secondary Social Studies 16'30" Adobe Foundations, Inc. Canada
94-6 CHILDREN'S GROWTH & HEALTH: Personal Account - Love a Brother and Sister Adult Other 30'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
94-7 Crash 2030 - The Anatomy of a Catastrophy Adult Environment 44'00" Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) Germany
- 1993 -
93-1 WORDS AND PICTURES: The Elves and the Shoemaker Pre-school Language (Native or National) 14'18" British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) United Kingdom
93-2 PLAY SCHOOL: Dinosaurs Pre-school Science 27'18" Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) Australia
93-3 ABEHIND THE SCENES: Behind the Scenes with Robert Gil de Montes Primary Art 28'00" Learning Designs & WNET Thirteen U.S.A.
93-4 Crawl Like an Insect, See Like a Bird - Tadataka Ino's Map of Japan Pre-school History 20'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
93-5 UNIDER YOUR SKIN: Eye Magic Secondary Science 23'58" Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Germany
93-6 Educating Peter Adult Other 30'00" State of the Art, Inc. U.S.A.
93-7 UJELI: A Child Bride in Nepal Adult Social Studies 60'00" United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) - Kathmandu Nepal
- 1992 -
92-1 TAKE OFF: Episode 10 - Dreams Primary Other 27'00" Friday Street Production Ltd. Canada
92-2 3-2-1 CONTACT EXTRA: What Kids Want to Know about Sex and Growing Up Primary Other 57'30" Children's Television Workshop (CTW) U.S.A.
92-3 THAT ROMAN EMPIRE: Rome-Centre of Empire Secondary History 19'08" British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) United Kingdom
92-4 STEP & JUMP - SCIENCE: Motion and Speed - Inertia Secondary Science 15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
92-5 AUSTRALIAN STUDIES - IMAGE OF AUSTRALIA: We Have Survived Adult Social Studies 29'47" Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) Australia
92-6 NANOSPACE - THE ULTRA-MICROSCOPIC WORLD: Molecular Machines Go to Work General Educative Science 50'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
92-7 EQUINOX: The Elements General Educative Science 51'30" Channel 4 Television (C4) United Kingdom
- 1991 -
91-1 3-2-1 CONTACT EXTRA: The Rotten Truth Primary Science 30'00" Children's Television Workshop (CTW) U.S.A.
91-2 BE KIND TO THE EARTH: I Want to See a Blue Sky Primary Science 20'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
91-3 THE PROGRAMME WITH THE MOUSE: Mineral Oil Secondary Science 28'00" Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) Germany
91-4 Techno - Structure Secondary Science 19'15" British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) United Kingdom
91-5 Job Hunting Secondary Social Studies 25'17" Veronica Broadcasting Organization Netherlands
91-6 FIRE ON THE RIM: Fire into Gold General Educative Science 57'17" KCTS/9 U.S.A.
91-7 Sail on, Voyager General Educative Science 60'00" WQED/Pittsburgh U.S.A.
No. Program Title Category Subject Duration Organization Country
- 1989 -
89-1 WHO AM I?: A New Life Primary Science 28'56" Finnish Broadcasting Co. (YLE) Finland
89-2 Drawing a Circle Primary Mathematics 15'00" Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI) Korea
89-3 A LIGHTLY STORY: In a Darkened Room Secondary Science 24'03" Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) Australia
89-4 IN THE MIDDLE OF THINGS: The Earth Is Not Thick Skinned Secondary Other 22'57" Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Germany (Fed. Rep.)
- 1987 -
87-1 PLAYTIME - ENGLISH FOR CHILDREN: Unit 7, At the Toy Museum Primary Language (Foreign) 15'00" Bayerishcer Rundfunk (BR) Germany (Fed. Rep.)
87-2 ARABIC IN PROGRAMMES (LEARN AND PLAY): The Letter 'M' Primary Language (Native or National) 25'00" Educational Television, Ministry of Education Qatar
87-3 PUPPET SHOW: The Spider's Thread Primary Literature 15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
87-4 YOUR SINGAPORE OF TOMORROW: Growing Up in A Greying Singapore Secondary Language (Foreign) 32'58" Dept. of Educational Technology, Curriculum Developmnet of Institute of Singapore (CDIS), Ministry of Education Singapore
87-5 WONDERSTRUCK: Episode #25 Secondary Science 27'50" Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) Canada
87-6 BEYOND THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE: The Lorentz Transformation Adult Science 28'53" California Institute of Technology & Southern California Consortium U.S.A.
87-7 WILDLIFE IN JAPAN: The Cuckoo Programs General Educative Science 28'30" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
- 1985 -
85-1 ANIMATED FILM IN SCHOOL Primary Literature 16'35" Swedish Educational Broadcasting Co. (SR/UR) Sweden
85-2 Say Hello to Geometry Primary Mathematics 20'20" Instructional Television Centre (ITC) Israel
85-3 LOOK WHAT I CAN DO: Busy Fingers, Clever Thumbs Primary Other 15'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
85-4 THE HUMAN COMMUNITY: Toxic Wastes Secondary Science 14'30" Hampton Roads ETV Association (WHRO) U.S.A.
85-5 If It's Going to be a War after All! Secondary Civics 42'50" Danmarks Radio (DR) Denmark
85-6 ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY: Flying in Birds - An Experimental Approach Adult Science 24'00" The Open Universiy United Kingdom
- 1983 -
83-1 THE WORLD OF NUMBERS: The Amazing Circle - Diameter and Circumference Primary Mathematics 16'50" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
83-2 THE LANDSCAPE OF GEOMETRY: It's Rude to Point Secondary Mathematics 14'25" TVOntario Canada
83-3 THE FIGHT WITH CANCER (LIFE IN HOSPICE): One More Day Adult Other 54'00" Shibuoka Telecasting Co., Ltd. Japan
83-4 THE CULTURE OF PARAGUAYAN PEOLE: Nandutåù(Spider Web) Secondary Literature 20'00" Dept. of Teleducation, Ministry of Education Paraguay
83-5 LOVELY BUTTERFLY: Boxes, Boxes Primary Other 24'55" Instructional Television Centre (ITC) Israel
83-6 MOVEMENTS: Bones and Muscles Primary Health 12'18" Hungarian Television Hungary
83-7 A Child Has One Hundred Languages But is Deprived of Ninety-One Adult Social Studies 38'55" Swedish Educational Broadcasting Co. Sweden
- 1981 -
81-1 SPACE RACE: Invitation to Outer Space Adult Other 59'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
81-2 THE MEDIA: Time for a Commercial Primary Social Studies 18'55" Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) Australia
81-3 The Tortuous Path of a 14 Year-Old Secondary Other 47'35" Shizuoka Telecasting Co., Ltd. Japan
81-4 MODERN MATHEMATICS: Pythagoras' Theorem Secondary Mathematics 21'30" Educational Media Service Malaysia
81-5 PRE-SCHOOL TEACHERS' TRAINING: Children's Graphic Skills Adult Other 12'00" Productora de Television Educativa Nicaragua
81-6 From Conception to Birth Secondary Other 19'50" British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) United Kingdom
81-7 Zakuska-Hor d'Oeuvers in Russian (Lesson 3) Adult Language (Foreign) 25'24" Finnish Broadcasting Co. (YLE) Finland
No. Program Title Category Subject Duration Organization Country
- 1979 -
79-1 Run, Run Little Drops Primary Science 26'02" Television Beograd Yugoslavia
79-2 MATHEMATICS FOR JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: How Expressions Work Secondary Mathematics 20'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
79-3 The Mystery Adult Science 58'44" State Committee for TV and Radio U.S.S.R.
79-4 Jay Primary Other 18'31" Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) Australia
79-5 Panta Buri (B/W) Primary Morality 23'50" Bangladesh Television (BTV) Bangladesh
79-6 It's Mad Mad Mad, Mathematics World (B/W) Adult Mathematics 49'45" Educational Media Service, Voice of Kenya Kenya
79-7 12 Yers old, 6-1 Class Primary Other 48'00" Shizuoka Telecasting Co., Ltd. Japan
- 1977 -
77-1 BIOLOGY COURSE I FOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CORRESPONDENT STUDENTS: The Silworm Miracle - Metamorphosis Secondary Science 30'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
77-2 The Princess Who Couldn't Talk Primary Civics 34'34" Finnish Broadcasting Co. (YLE) Finland
77-3 The Numbers Game Or How I Learnt to Live with Numbers and to Love Them Adult Language (Foreign) 26'20" SocietåùTelevision Francaise France
77-4 Ka and Kha (B/W) Primary Language (Native or National) 22'00" Bangladesh Television (BTV) Bangladesh
77-5 Writing a Picture Secondary Art 19'55" Singapore Educational Media Service Singapore
77-6 Growth and Movements of Plants Primary Science 24'30" Czech Television (CT) Czechoslovakia
77-7 The Bible in Paper Secondary Religion 14'45" Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) Canada
- 1975 -
75-1 DRAMA: Heil Caesar Secondary Literature 28'51" British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) United Kingdom
75-2 ECOLOGY - A THIRD LEVEL COURSE: Tawny Owls Adult Science 24'26" The Open University United Kingdom
75-3 TELE-SCHOOL PROJECT: Relative Whole Numbers (B/W) Secondary Mathematics 19'11" Fundacao Padre Anchieta (TV CULTULA) Brazil
75-4 AFRICA FILE: From Scheherazade to Selilma Secondary Social Studies 28'50" Ontario Educational Communications Authority Canada
75-5 A Return Ticket to the Moon Primary Civics 24'33" Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) Germany (Fed. Rep.)
75-6 The Banking Plate Primary Science 09'30" Polish Radio and Television Poland
75-7 Nutrition Tissues (B/W) Secondary Science 20'56" Direccion de Television Educativa El Salvador
- 1973 -
73-1 HEALTH MAGAZINE PRAXIS: Emergency Test Adult Health 57'44" Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Germany (Fed. Rep.)
73-2 THE ELECTRIC COMPANY: Show #136 Primary Other 28'38" Children's Television Workshop (CTW) U.S.A.
73-3 POETS AND STORIES FOR YOU: Aska and the Wolf Primary Literature 24'08" Radio-Television Zagreb Yugoslavia
73-4 MODERN MATHEMATICS: Coordinates (B/W) Secondary Mathematics 16'21" Radio-Television Malaysia Malaysia
73-5 How was the Opera? Grand, Just Grand! Secondary Music 27'12" ETV, Dept. of Education,
State of Hawaii
- 1972 -
72-1 SCIENCE CLASSROOM FOR THE 1ST GRADE, LOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL: Twenty-One Days in the Life of an Egg Secondary Science 20'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
72-2 TV SCHOOL FOR THE HANDICAPPED - THE MERRY CLASS: Tick-Tock Goes the Clock Primary Other 20'00" Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) Japan
72-3 NEW MATHEMATICS - PRIMARY EDUCATION: Notions on Sets (B/W) Adult Mathematics 30'00" Radiodiffusion TV Belge Belgium
72-4 Things around Us (B/W) Primary Other 16'40" Czechoslovak Televize / Bratislava Czechoslovakia
72-5 FROM CITIZEN TO CITIZEN: Bill before the House (B/W) Secondary Civics 28'50" Alberta School Broadcasts Canada