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Entry Rules
JAPAN PRIZE aims to contribute to the development of educational media worldwide and promote international understanding by awarding audiovisual contents that show high quality educational effects.

Entry Period

April 1 to June 30 at 11:59pm Japan Time, 2017
All required materials (including Entry Form, movie file, etc) should be at the Secretariat by June 30, 2017.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee
*NOTE: Entering organizations are responsible for any fees that may arise in connection with entries and with preparing required materials, such as postal fees and taxes for delivery and return.

Categories & Applicable Media

  1. Pre-school Category
    Educational audiovisual contents for pre-school children up to around age 6
  2. Primary Category
    Educational audiovisual contents for primary school children around ages 6 to 12
  3. Youth Category
    Educational audiovisual contents for youths around ages 12 to 18
  4. Lifelong Learning Category
    Educational audiovisual contents for adults around ages 18 and over
  5. Creative Frontier Category
    Educational audiovisual and interactive contents that open up new learning possibilities by taking advantage of the characteristics of digital media (Pre-school/Primary or Youth/Lifelong Learning)
Category Applicable media Remarks
1. Pre-school TV program
*including webcast
Any related URL or other information will be viewed as a reference but not used as a judging criterion.
2. Primary
3. Youth
4. Lifelong Learning
5. Creative Frontier Website
Game (Web Game / Console Game / Game App.)
Application Software
Cross-media Content
Cross-media content is composed of multiple media such as a TV program, website and application software under the same title.

**Please contact the Secretariat if you plan to submit virtual reality materials.
Entry Details
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  • Final Selection in the Creative Frontier Category
  • How to Enter
  • Requested Materials for Preliminary Selection
  • Flow from the Entry
  • Required Materials for Final SelectionPrizes
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  • Use of Entry

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