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Pre-school Category

*Countries/regions are listed in alphabetical order.

Horacio & The Plasticines

  • Entering organization:Zumbastico Studios (ZS)
  • Chile
  • TV /Film/Video

Horatio is a 5-year-old boy with a remarkable sense of wonder, sense of humour, boundless energy and a passionate curiosity for discovering the world and the reason why of everything. His thirst for knowledge makes him frustrated when he doesn't understand something, but that's what his friends the Plasticines are for: four plasticine creatures called Red, Blue, Yellow and Green who live in a box on Horatio's desktop. Along with them and their songs, Horatio will find answers to his questions. In each episode, Horatio returns home from kindergarten, with an internal conflict or a question about some subject: honesty, friendship, pollution, etc. The Plasticines help him to solve his conflict or answer his question, always through a fun musical videoclip in claymation. At the end of each episode, Horatio puts into practice what he has learned, thus sharing the learning experience with the preschool viewers. Each of the Plasticines has a different personality, reflecting a range of children's reactions. Red is a leader, rational, self-confident and optimistic. Blue is pure energy and excitment in the face of stimulation. Yellow is tender and maternal when facing conflicts. Green represents the innocent, spontaneous view, delivering a touch of humour.

The educational aim is that children tend to identify with Horatio, because the same things happen to them. And therefore, they will be encouraged to think about the way they solve problems or manage social interactions in their day-to-day, and during this important learning period of their lives.

What's The Big idea

  • Entering organization:Planet Nemo Animation
  • France
  • TV /Film/Video

Who am I?
What am I?
When I wake up in the morning is the world exactly the same as I left it last night?
What is a friend
or a pet
or a baby?
Am I small only if compared to something bigger?
Why do we play
or cry
or ask questions?
What’s the big idea?
Because philosophy is too important
to leave to grown ups.

The Show with the Elephant

  • Entering organization:Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
  • Germany
  • TV /Film/Video

Preschool programme in German sign language - from and with deaf children This time, the little blue elephant and his friend, the pink rabbit, present a special "Sendung mit dem Elefanten": a whole feature in German sign language for and with deaf children but certainly also for all children able to hear. The programme will be broadcasted on Friday, April 5th, on KIKA (the German children's channel). In it, deaf children in their own way tell the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood," present the classic children's song "Alle meine Entchen" (All my little ducklings) and invite the children to join in guessing in an animal quiz. Here, it shows clearly how easy it often is to understand one another even without one spoken word. The special of "Die Sendung mit dem Elefanten" is part of the KIKA feature weekend "Project: Living Together" within the emphasis of the year on "Integration & Inclusion."

Sesamestreet presents: A carrot for Two

  • Entering organization:Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)
  • Germany
  • TV /Film/Video

There must be something wrong with Pferd - one of his teeth hurts and is loose! He can't even eat like a horse! Wolle wants to help his friend und tries to pull out the wobbly tooth. But that's not what Pferd wants either. So he has to go to the dentist. At first Pferd is a little nervous, but dentist Rike has a simple explanation for his "tooth problem".

Sevenstone: Nearest and Dearest

  • Entering organization:Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
  • Germany
  • TV /Film/Video

Elmar loves his older sister Carla more than anything. Whenever he needs her, Carla is there. She has taught him everything: how to swim, squint and do summersaults. When Carla decides to leave home and move to another city to go to university, Elmar is taken aback. How on earth will he manage without her? Carla needs to stay! But how can he make her do so? Luckily, his younger sister Milli has got an idea. Together they try to make Carla stay at home. But all efforts are in vain and Elmar realizes he has to let go of Carla. Suddenly, Elmar finds himself in a similar situation as Carla: he takes charge of his younger sister Milli and starts teaching her the important lessons of life.

The film depicts the process of letting go of a beloved person. The events are told from a child’s perspective. Rather than presenting the sibling’s departure as a loss, it is shown as an event which opens new possibilities. The protagonist is no longer the young brother who looks up to his big sister but the older brother who takes on responsibility for his young sister. He grows and gains self-confidence in the process. Thus, the film presents a positive role-model for children who fear change and do not want to confront unfamiliar situations.


  • Entering organization:Sony Creative Products Inc.
  • Japan
  • TV /Film/Video

Mofy finds a delicious looking apple in the orchard. She starts to sing to create a song inspired from the fallen apple but being unable to finish her song. While she feels discouraged, Kerry comes along to invite Mofy to his house for tea. In a small boat on the pond, Kerry takes out a banana which he has been saving to eat in the right situation. He cuts the banana in half and shares this to Mofy. Mofy looking surprised asks Kerry why he shares such a delicious banana with others. Kerry answers “I suppose it’s because you’re my friend!” Mofy takes out the apple she found in the orchard and decides to give half to Kerry. Now Mofy starts to sing the song of apple again, but this time the song will complete in piece due to the help of Kerry.


  • Entering organization:STARRYWORKS inc.
  • Japan
  • Other Interactive Media

How do children who just started to learn the language recognize colors?
When the parents show their children an apple and tell them "this is red", do they understand that it's about not figure but color?
When we had this question, we thought that if there is an application which shows just colors and says the name of colors with children's voices, children would enjoy studying the concept of colors.
We started to make this application from such idea.

Nozy's Idea Workshop

  • Entering organization:Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
  • Japan
  • TV /Film/Video

The goal of Nozy's Idea Workshop is not so much to show children how to make things, though they do learn that on the program, but rather to foster in them the desire and ability to be creative. The main characters on the show are Nozy (a clownish fairy from the Kingdom of Play), and his pals, the Synapoohs. The evercurious Nozy finds it amusing to look in on the human world and make his own things, assisted by jolly Uncle Craft, who lives in a wastebasket. The program weaves together a number of short segments such as "Scribble!" and the “Arts-and-Crafts Song,” showing viewers how to have fun drawing and use scissors and so on, and stimulating them to think, "I want to make something, too!"

Picnic with Cake

  • Entering organization:Submarine
  • Netherlands
  • TV /Film/Video

Picnic with Cake series and half hour special

Picnic with Cake is an animated series and cross media adaptation of the famous picture book “Picnic with Cake” by The Tjong-Khing, published in more than 13 countries. Each of the 13 episodes, as well as the 25 minute special, tells the central storyline of the picnic, the discovery of the stolen cakes, the unmasking of the thieves and the happy ending with cake. Every episode of the story is told from the perspective of another animal. In this way the picnic story takes the shape of a thriller, a slapstick or a romantic comedy, all tailored to the level of understanding of our target group.

The Reading Band

  • Entering organization:Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK)
  • Norway
  • TV /Film/Video

"The Reading Band" inspires children to explore the alphabet and learn which sound belongs to which letter. Todays letter is Z.

Pettson's Inventions deluxe

  • Entering organization:Filimundus AB
  • Sweden
  • Game

Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe is an app that stimulates creativity, problem solving and practices logic in a fun and unconventional way. The app is based on the Swedish children’s books character Pettson, by Sven Nordqvist.
Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe consists of 66 tricky inventions that you should help old man Pettson and his cat Findus to finish. All inventions have a specific problem that the invention solves. It could be to help a little “muckle” to fly, get some treats or make an old lady laugh. Always in a quirky, sort of too complicated way! To solve an invention you need to combine sets of pulleys, gears, belts, weights and other curious things from the sides and drag and drop them in its right place. You can try the invention at any time by pulling the lever. When the invention is finished you’ll get rewarded with a gold star. Adjust difficulty by adding fake objects.
The app helps open your mind to the process of engineering and physics and you need determination and trial and error to solve the inventions. It challenges you to use your imagination to think through the invention before you start. To increase the educational value it’s possible to compete with a friend in the versus mode on the same iPad, the challenge is to solve the inventions before the competitor, or beat the clock. Since Pettson’s Inventions Deluxe allows multi touch it’s also possible for a group of friends to solve the inventions together!

Paper Bag Boy

  • Entering organization:Public Television Service Foundation (PTS)
  • Taiwan
  • TV /Film/Video

A boy who wears a paper bag over his head always attracts strange looks and is shunned by other kids. One day, he sees a girl with a tiger mask making roaring sounds and he follows her out of curiosity. They end up sharing their secrets to each other.

Kids often face difficulties growing up. If they have good friends by their sides, those difficulties can be readily resolved.


  • Entering organization:Turkish Radio and Television (TRT)
  • Turkey
  • TV /Film/Video

Alphabet Project 29 chapters, a collection of four-minute animation. project tells us about Alphabet words in each section. The purpose of the project is to introduce pre-school children, Alphabet words

4305-Me Am What Me AM

  • Entering organization:Sesame Workshop
  • United States
  • TV /Film/Video

A very hungry Cookie Monster is waiting for Chris to finish baking cookies, but it’s hard for him to wait! Chris offers Cookie Monster carrots to eat in the meantime, and he gobbles them all up. All of a sudden Mario Lopez, a reporter for EXTRA Sesame Street, appears and announces on his show that Cookie Monster is now the Veggie Monster! Cookie Monster is panicked and explains that even though he does love to eat healthy carrots, he is not the Veggie Monster. But everyone insists on calling him the Veggie Monster anyway.
This makes Cookie Monster really unhappy. Cookie Monster realizes that the only way he can eat vegetables is if he disguises himself. Cookie Monster eats celery in disguise, but Mario recognizes him and records it for all to see. Cookie Monster is upset and tells Mario that he is feeling frustrated because no one believes him. Cookie Monster sings a song about how no matter how much he loves vegetables, he’ll always be who he is - Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster eats the cookies Chris baked for him and Mario reports that Cookie Monster really is the Cookie Monster!